DIY Moon Lights


I am awaiting my parts I have ordered to build myself a little moonlight. I am going to try and document it so that others can also build one if they wish.

Any ideas on what to do for documentation? Video, Photos, Parts List? I am thinking all of the above, but curious since I have never done a how to before.


Start off w/ parts list and cost, and maybe a source of inspiration too.

Then use step-by-step instructions and pics to clarify confusing steps, and to show progress as well.

And then, finally, a shot of the finished project any maybe a vid too.


I just bought a 12v strip of led's 4 my small tank from ebay, was about £3. all waterproof too


I would suggest videotaping the effort and posting that, along with screen shots of all the important steps (including supply list).


I was looking into some of those, on flea bay, theyd work, you could make it work, some of them need to be wired though that I saw, and wait a month or so, cuz ALOT of them were shipping from hong kong an such... but GOOD BUY please update us with a picture or your thoughts if it works out for you

:I just did,

x2 "stunner" 26 led 12 inch strips (1 8000kwhite, and 1 white and blue)
x1 24v to 12v power adaptor (to power strips)

46$ for one strip so 90$ for the lights
18$ for a powerplug
anyhoot I paid a total of 126$ for the lights,plug,and a 50 gallon bag of salt, at petsolutions

not bad,

I have an eclipse 2 hood, ive read and found out myself that they have very poor quality lighting, poor as in unreliable, as the fixture burns out lamp bulbs and goes though ballasts like no tomorrow, so when this happened to me instead of just spending 45$ for a whole new fixture I opted for led strips, long lasting no heat... good choice I thought.

I used aviation duct tape after taking out the remainder of the floresent fixture and taped off the holes to make a flat non venting surface (so less cleaning would be involved) prolly didnt have to do that but figured hey why not do it right... "set it and forget it" after that set it up IN the EXISTING fixture housing and that was that...

:1 THING I hate about these lights... :
THERE IS NO SWITCH, no on/off, no controller for turning on one or all or none, this bothers me... for I want to add one more white and one blue one for moonlighting... you could buy and extra power adaptor for anyother 18$ and plug them into a "TIMER" but I don't like timers imo, I like to be able to say "let there be light" on my creation...
the light quality is amazing! shimmer! bright! I was worried 2 wouldnt be enough but they are well worth it, brighter than the 2 tubes that used to be there for sure, (have pics in my profile)
ALTHOUGH iam not sure how many I would need to support other life like corals, and maybe an anemone... 8000k for the white strips... I know nothing abot lighting really learning right now, but the LFS guys say no that's not enough for anemones need high light.
but iam satisfied for now


I don't know if this is any help....first I really want to see your whole post from start to finish....I need some for my 72 BF.......but what I wanted to suggest is although cost is probably higher(60$ for the set)......we just added lights to MY motorcycle........we got a kit with 2 strips,and I think 5 smaller lights......they can be put anywhere and can be added to at anytime......they came of courase with an on and off switch.......maybe if u check auto parts store or a bike shop????? good luck and I can't wait to see the finished product!!!!!
But duh!!!! I don't know how to get power to them....hmmmmmmmmmmmm get goin on your project.....



I have the 12 led one and its not to bad considering price and size alough the ones I made are a lot brighter.


When I had a marine tank, I just used a light sensitive night light from Wally World ($5) When the tank lights went off the little blue LED kicked on giving the tank a very light blue tint.

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