DIY Mesh Hammock?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by khloem, Aug 10, 2015.

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    hey! i had a question about these plastic mesh betta "hammocks" that everyone (okay, not everyone :)) seems to make for their bettas!
    i know how to make one and what to buy, but i was wondering if there is any chance of the plastic mesh being harmful to the fish? everything is going super well with my new betta Felix, and i'm very paranoid that if i add something new, i'll screw everything up! i didn't know if the plastic would leak any chemicals or anything like that? probably just me being paranoid, haha! the mesh i'm talking about is just regular crafting mesh, like you'd make dividers out of. i just wasn't sure and am quite worried about the little guy!
    he's in a 5 gallon tank all to himself, all artificial plants (i've always had absolutely terrible luck with plants, so i've given up at this point) and i'd wanted to get him something to lounge on when he hangs out at the top. i owned a ZooMed betta leaf hammock in the past, but since it was made with metal, it rusted! :( um not good haha! anyways, let me know your thoughts on this, especially if you have one/some! :)
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    Ive used the same mesh for making baskets to hold land plants in some of my tanks with just the roots submerged. Havent had any issues and as far as I know its non toxic and safe to use, people have used it for various aquarium related things for years without troubles. for live plants, try water sprite. Its the easiest thing ive ever grown, and have never done anything to it or for it aside from trimming when it gets too bushy. It can be grown floating or planted, I prefer mine planted so it doesnt block too much light. It does very well in a low light setup, on my 10g its just a standard hood with a 15w fluorescent tube and the stuff has grown like crazy.
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    thank you so much :)
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    Check out my last thread, easy to make a DIY silk leaf hammock, no rushed metal, no hard plastic :). Good luck.