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Discussion in 'Advanced Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by prozium, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. proziumValued MemberMember

    Two questions for discussion:

    Does anyone make their own food? If so what foods have you found to be acceptable?

    Has anyone built their own aquarium? If so does 1/4 tempered glass sound thick enough for a 20x20x35 build?

  2. TanksbyTimValued MemberMember

    The best food I have ever "made" for my fish is live food that I have cultured for my fish. This depends entirely on what fish you are keeping. For much larger species, I know many fishkeepers purchase seafood at their local supermarket and blend it together to create an easy DIY food.

    I would recommend a thickness of 1/2" for your build. I would also recommend that you use non-tempered glass when building your glass tank. Good luck! :)
  3. proziumValued MemberMember

    Why non tempered? Tempered is stronger yes?

    Omnivores. One I saw called for beef heart, shrimp, talipia, spirulina, and spinach. I'm sure there are other good options. Like if snails are present what about egg shells pulverised?
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  4. TanksbyTimValued MemberMember

    Tempered is stronger, but to my knowledge tempered glass tends to break into many small pieces rather than crack. This would obviously be catastrophic compared to non-tempered glass if your tank was to break. If you don't mind knowing that, then tempered is definitely an option for you. I just prefer non-tempered glass. Some omnivores enjoy crushed snails, and all of those food choices sound nice but be careful with beef heart if you have a planted tank. I have heard of people having large algae problems when mixing the two. Good luck! :)
  5. proziumValued MemberMember

    Thanks I'll keep ya'll posted
  6. TanksbyTimValued MemberMember

    Sounds great! :)
  7. proziumValued MemberMember

    So the follow up to this is I am inclined to agree- homemade good might be better for large fish or even very large quantities of fish. A pet store could make a killing producing their own food, plus some other diy stuff.
  8. SharkaNew MemberMember

    I do food for fish: I mix of raw or blanched veggies and some shrimps or fish, raw but frozen, add dissolved gelatine, all smashed in home processor and than I cut in small pieces once the gelatine settles. Fish go crazy after it.
    I also add one multivitamin, but take off the coating and crush it.
    It's really easy and it depends on your fish food preferences.

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  9. proziumValued MemberMember

    Do you make anything that could be fed to rcs, trumpet snails and guppies? I am under the impression guppies like floating foods

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