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    My wife and I have built two now, and the water quality in both tanks has improved. It was good before and is better now. I could not find the K1 media (its winter here after all) so we used small plastic beads and buttons (for clothing). He has another one on there similar and uses the ceramic filter media as an added filter or an emergency filter.... Here`s that link

    here are the pics of ours....
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    So you don't need the k1 things? What are there purpose exactly why can't you just have an empty bottle with just the air bubbles? (Sorry if i am hijacking just really currious) we have a ton of beads in the house (moms a jewelry nut lol) so i could easily make one like your 2nd pic...
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    They are both the same really. The clear one is a Dole juice bottle in a 10g tank. The green one is an old Lemon Juice bottle in a 30g tank We used plastic beads for the media. The purpose comes from understanding the Nitro Cycle a little more. The more you move water the more you filter it. Different things achieve different results. You most have heard of trickling for water purification for example. Basically the more you move water the more it filters. So in the case of mine they act as an exchange for water to come in and pick up BB by having the bed of beads, some beads the move helping to make the water mix with the O2 in the bottle, and break down particles to help filter it out better. It agitates the water at the top of the bottle in order to break down nitrites and nitrates and further oxygenates the water as it is trapped and forced out where the majority of the O2 is. The bed of materials at the top acts as another place to collect BB. The more edges and surfaces you have the more BB you can collect. I will change it to K1 gradually when I find some. Gradually so as to not be restarting the growth of BB. Any I take out will likely go to new filters or tanks in my house or to my friends if they need to build BB quickly. Its basically all about getting as much BB and O2 into the water as possible at the end of the day and to agitate the water as much as possible to kill the nasty "N" words that kill our fish. They are also a cheap alternative to air stones. And they look neat too. We did look at ours a lot the first few days, but now they are just there.
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    Oh okay makes sense now :D thanks for the explination! I definatly want to build a few now! I could eliminate the need for my hob's! Plus my turtle would be happier if i lowered the water level (can't right now due to the hob's and no canistar)
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    Oh yeah...Our dollar store sells these containers that have little garbage bags in them for when you are walking your dog and he/she does their business and you can pick it up. Well the container that holds the bag has one nice hole in it that make a great cave for fry, or for a Mommy fish to put her eggs, a hide-out for a smaller fish in a big fish world. I buried ours (shaped like a dog bone after all) in the gravel. i had to put a bit of gravel at both ends of the bone to weigh it down. Our barbs hide in it a jump out at one another. It is like a hole in the gravel floor for them to hide under. Like the Vietnamese in the Vietnam war lol.

    The second method I sent you would be best and I would try to find a way to use both if you have the space. They don't have to be huge, but they have to fulfill the needs of the inhabitants. Hope it works out and let me know how it goes.

    The clear bottle one is in our 10g tank where we are trying to get Mystery Snails to mate (so water level is down about an inch from the top. The water level is generally about a quarter inch above the filter and almost touches the gravel (I use thick gravel beds though for Kuhli Loaches). It goes all day in our bedroom. Is not too loud and sounds a lot like a stream or a creek. We have control on our air flow too with valves. On both DIY filters we use a HOB and an air stone off the same air pump as the DIY filter. We use air pumps rated for the tank size and they run like a charm. Never a problem, and if there is one it is easy to diagnose.

    He has a DIY canister as well on his channel. I plan to make that sometime soon. Seems you can make them real easy and cheap and make them better than store bought too.

    He has a DIY canister as well on his channel.
    I plan to make that sometime soon. Seems you can make them real easy and cheap and make them better than store bought too.
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    These videos are fantastic. Thanks so much for posting them!