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Diy Filter For 2 Gallon Jar

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by oOturquoiseOo, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    I'm *still* waiting for my nano hob filter to come in the mail. I would like to build a filter for the tank in the meantime.

    I have used sponge filters in the past and I really like them so that is what I was thinking I would do. But then I saw a video with a small jar built with the same technique as a sponge filter but it had biological filtration with gravel (or whatever) polyfil, and sponge. Now I'm thinking that would be great.

    BUT my jar is only 2 gallons and it has a pretty large piece of driftwood in it. I don't think I'll have room for a small mason jar.

    Can anyone suggest something for me to use? Maybe something taller and more narrow?

    Just in case (because I know you're all going to ask...) I'm only putting a few cherry red shrimp in there :) Just company for me while I work.

    Or should I make a fish bowl filter with pothos like Joey did in his video? I'm hoping to use pothos on my big tank too.

  2. ZaneAO New Member Member

    Hi there go to your local plumbing store and get a small straight piece of of pvc pipe just a little taller than the amount of water in the jar. And this is most definitely not a permanent solution but you said you wanted one in the meantime and then go to pet smart and get some poly fill some airline a small cheap airpump(you could go to Walmart to get this) o assemble it take the pipe and put the airline down to the bottom of it then fill it with polyfill to hold it in place place it in the water and plug the airpump in. You should see water flowing out the top if you lift it up a little. For mounting it to the tank I would hot glue a paper clip bent into like a hook shape to the pipe and position it so there is still flow coming out. This should get you a decent sponge filter for very cheap.

  3. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Thank you :) That's definitely quick and easy!

    We have a ton of pex leftover from when we redid the plumbing in the house. I'll have to check to see if it's big enough.

  4. ZaneAO New Member Member

    Sounds Good let me know how it goes
  5. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    I will :)

    I remembered I bought some tubing that will be perfect for this. I just need to get time to put it together.
  6. SkookulBob Valued Member Member

    I may be misreading your post so forgive if this is not what you're looking for. But it's quick and cheap. I just made an air-driven filter from an empty plastic spring water bottle (you know, the really flimsy kind).

    I used the design you see all over YouTube: drill bunch of inlet holes at the cap end (in/around the neck, not cap itself), and outlet holes in the bottom. Run airline through the bottom to the cap end, put in an air stone. Add biomedia. Screw cap on, turn it upside down and drop it into your aquarium and hook up to pump.

    Now. Whether it does anything? I'll let you know... But it looks cool!
  7. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! That would be awesome if I had the room in the tank :(

    I made a very quick sponge filter tonight. It really doesn't fit well but it has cleared the water very nicely in about an hour!

    I took some rigid tubing and drilled holes all around starting from about an inch from the bottom going up for a few inches. Then I poked a little sponge in the hole at the bottom and put sponge around the outside of the tube to cover the holes. I put a few weights on the airline to keep it down and put the air stone on and dropped it in the tube. Looks terrible but it seems to be working right now. Hopefully the hob will come in the mail soon!

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  8. SkookulBob Valued Member Member

    Cool! I can see how you're very space-constrained. But it's kind of amazing/hilarious the variety of things you can make a decent filter out of. Someone mentioned Legos as a biofilter media. I may steal some from my kids!
  9. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Haha! Lego would work great I think. But, I would have to pry them from my kiddos' hands. They're a favourite here.

    The jar is very full of the driftwood but I think it'll make a few shrimp very happy. :) I'm hoping to eventually get a nice carpet going in there. And hopefully get my Java fern happier again.