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    So my bottle A, (citric acid mix) is super, SUPER tough to squeeze, (almost impossible to squeeze!!!) and will not prime to the gauge’s “green zone”, as the gauge is not even reading at “1”; it's possible that bottle B (baking soda mix) back siphoned into bottle A. Also, is bottle B’s tubing supposed to be submerged into its liquid solution...or not submerged into the solution?
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    Yes. But mine's an already tailored kit.

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    Lol I just don’t wanna foolishly relieve any pressure in bottle A, by opening something and have the bottle explode like a bomb or something! As I read that you should NEVER open bottle A unless it’s contents are completely empty!

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    For bottle A, I'm thinking the mixture is too thick, or whatever kind of pump you're using is too weak. For B, I'm not quite sure yet
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    No pump was being used at all. Yeah by hand, you’re just supposed to squeeze bottle A’s contents until they mix/“prime” the levels until the gauge is in the green. But my main problem is, bottle A is so rock solid and expanded, that using all my strength, I cannot squeeze and of bottle A’s solution into bottle B like you’re supposed to..,
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    Not familiar with diy co2 setups but could you make a new solution of bottle A and try it again maybe it solidified from to much or too little of a certain "ingredient" and dispose of bottle A safely if it actually is dangerous
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    : (

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    Possibly dispose of it, yeah. I just am afraid of opening up bottle A, that will explode from the pressure as I read from a lot of places NEVER to do! Lol
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    Err, never to open it unless the solution is 100% empty...
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    Theoretically, you could do it with a 1L bottle, and half the mixtures, smaller bottle will be easier to squeeze hard enough.
    That or redo the mixture like said above. If you did everything right I see no reason it wouldn't work though
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    i would bring original bottle A way out in your back yard or far away from things put a pin hole in it and run. You may also need to get a new guage

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    Lol run...
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    That's actually a really good point. Make sure it's not just a bad gauge before you redo a bunch of stuff
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    but he also stated it was impossible to "squeeze" the bottle to get it "primed" so even a bad gauge it should still be able to be primed.... Like i said no experience with real or diy co2 just trying to give thoughts on it. I think the best bet is to try a new bottle A.. maybe wrong measurements or expired ingredients?
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    Also, if I have to open up bottle B (baking soda solution) I do not know just which part to open up to service it. And also, I really don’t feel like waking anyone in the neighborhood with any super loud booms! And the gauge was fine at first, since it’s brand new, and arrived only hours ago. I think the problem is, that bottle B’s tubing is actually SUBMERGED within the liquid, when I think the tube is just too long and is NOT supposed to be submerged, and is only supposed to transfer the CO2 gas and not be submerged into the liquid solution. Basically, I wanna somehow safely open bottle B up, to cut the tubing shorter...but without any explosions or anything.

    I measured the ingredients very accurately and safely. The ingredients were also brand newly purchased, and only hours old from the supermarket.

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    I think a little more research is required to be sure you have the solutions right..

    just giving my thoughts.. sorry i can't be of more help. maybe a little more research will get you rolling along
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    Shoot. I think what happened was, while I was squeezing bottle A to prime it, (send solution to bottle B) since the tubing in bottle B is very much submerged in the liquid, (and likely is NOT supposed to be) it probably siphoned in reverse, and the baking soda liquid solution back siphoned into bottle B, tcreating unwanted oressure, thus making it super super hard to squeeze!!!