DIY co2 questions

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    So I've read the DIY co2 guide in the stickys section ( very helpful ). I'm looking at setting a system up. I've seen u can buy DIY co2 kits for 2l bottles on eBay and was wondering if these are any good? (There about $20aus) or is it just worth me making a set up myself? The ones on eBay has a pressure gauge etc.

    My next question is how do I turn the co2 off over night without the bottle exploding? I've heard that u shouldn't run co2 over night when the lights are off but if u turned the check valve off over night wouldn't the bottle build up too much pressure and blow the cap?

    Also my tanks a 40g so would it be best to run 2 2l bottles?

    Any advice would be great! Thanks guys
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    Bumping this up for you