DIY Co2- For Thsoe who have "Glass collectible bottles"


Have you ever wondered "What can I do to make a DIY Co2 bottle not look like a ugly milk jug or 2ltr of pop just laying around?"

Well I have a solution for you. Do you like to drink from fancy glass bottles? Especially our mature audience? Like 40oz containers? I don't but my army friends SURE DO! So when I ran out of my pop bottles and milk jugs as I stopped drinking those I had to improvise and my finally ended up looking great especially those who "collect" these and their logo. As well you can remove the logo and just have the glass bottle as they look nice as well.


What you need:
2 cups- Sugar
1/2 Teas. - Yeast
Varying - Warm water
Decorative ("Collectible") Glass Bottle

Airline Tube
Check Valve

1. Clean your bottle out (and remove label if you choose) and allow to dry
2. Put a hole in lid a little smaller than the size of your airline
3. Push about 1.5" of airline through the hole going into the bottle
4. Silicone the Top and Bottom of cap around tube real well (avoid the threads)
5. ^ Allow to dry 24-48hrs.
6. Place a One way Check valve (so you don't drain your aquarium) in the air line then a air stone at the appropriate length for your aquarium placement.

***TIP*** I make my Co2 generating mix (Its technically Sugar wine) about 18 hours before I plan to use it, and place an unaltered cap on it. This way the chemical reaction is just starting to take off and I don't have the wait period for chance of a back flow or other accident.

7. Set 1/2teas. of Yeast aside and allow to reach room temperature.
8. Funnel 2 Cups of Sugar into your Bottle.
9. Pour yeast into bottle.
10. Fill bottle up to the bottom of neck with warm water (about 90-100 Degrees F)
11. Cap and shake vigorously for 2-3 minutes (longer if everything still is not dissolved)
12. Attach your Tubed cap and enjoy about 2 weeks of Co2 for your tank.

More yeast = more Co2 at once but stops producing faster= More maintenance.
Less Yeast = Less Co2 but prolonged output= Less maintenance.
Keep the Co2 producing bottle in a warm area preferably as the heat helps in the break down of sugar and production of Co2.

*This is a article on my own Co2 DIY method I use, Do not drink or misuse the final product solution in your bottle, dump down the drain and create another batch. This article is in no way to advertise a specific bottle brand or the contents in the bottle, as glass bottles are used for water, milk, pop, adult beverages, and medicine, etc. Some bottles are considered Collectibles as seen by some and other things by other people.*

Hope You Enjoyed My DIY, All I know is the Bottle creates a great visual and an awesome discussion topic with guest in your home.


Thanks for sharing the info! Very nice!



Thank you very much, this is just what I needed! question

when you say "***TIP*** I make my Co2 generating mix (Its technically Sugar wine) about 18 hours before I plan to use it" You mean you mix the water, yeast, and sugar together before hand?


Yes and have in a sealed bottle. Then when you go to use it take the unaltered cap off and put your altered airline tubing cap on.


If you add a pinch of baking soda to your C02 mix you won't get backflow issues.

For a 2L bottle I use:
2 Cups Sugar
3TBSP Molasses
1/4TSP Baking Soda
1/2TSP Yeast.

Funnel in Sugar, Molasses, baking soda and 1/4 bottle of hot water into your 2L. Cap and shake til dissolved. Top off with warm water leaving 2" at the top. Add yeast then cap -- no need to shake. Reaction typically starts in 1 to 2 hours.

This This combination lasts me almost 4 weeks. I have to bottles set up on my DIY system so I can change out 1 every 3 weeks and not lose pressure or BPS. The added molasses also helps with determining when the mixture has lost potency -- upon first mix it will be a watery dark brown mixture, and when its spent it will be a thick light brown mixture.
Might be worth a shot for you all.


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