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Discussion in 'Plant CO2' started by Chloe432, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Chloe432New MemberMember

    I've found some really good diy co2 systems and have majority of the items already so it will be quite low cost. I just don't know if diy co2 really has a significant effect. I know co2 systems do but there a bit too pricy for me at the moment. Has anyone's tank done well with diy co2 or not significantly.
    My tanks 10g lighting 32 watts and I'm looking at the yeast and sugar mix

    Sorry if this post is better elsewhere if so I'll move it :)
  2. _Fried_Bettas_

    _Fried_Bettas_Well Known MemberMember

    It does indeed work. In fact the CO2 level in my 10 and 20 gallon tanks with DIY setup has the same CO2 level in the water as my 50 gallon with a pressurized system. And the results are very beautiful planted tanks. It is definitely worth setting up.
  3. smee82Fishlore VIPMember

    Yes CO2 has a big impact on tanks and DIY CO2 works great with smaller tanks. My life has been hectic with work and everyday stuff for the last 2 or 3 weeks so i haven't changed my DIY CO2 bottle for a while. I can safely say that my plants except the floating ricca not the ricca tied to the bottom have not grown at all.

  4. OP

    Chloe432New MemberMember

    Thanks for the replies :)
    I have made just a simple one with two 500ml bottles a t valve (joins both bottles to one tube) and into the tank it bubbles , I will admit I was getting frustrated as it wasn't bubbling but it is now . It produces 8 bubbles for a min then stops for a min (so 4 bubbles per min) just have to wait for the results :)
    Woooo I'm excited :)
    Ps must remember to get myself a check valve

  5. _Fried_Bettas_

    _Fried_Bettas_Well Known MemberMember

    That setup is not going to work very well without some sort of diffuser. If you just put bubbles in there, they rise to the top and go into the air, and thus do nothing at all in your tank. A diffuser will cause the bubbles to dissolve into the water. If you want to keep it as simple as possible get a cheap glass diffuser off of eBay for a few dollars. Until then try an airstone if you have one, it does not work as well as a diffuser, but better than nothing. There are things better than glass diffusers but they are either more expensive or more complicated.
  6. smee82Fishlore VIPMember

    If you dont have a spare air stone you can use a chop stick or some filter floss jammed up the airline tube.
  7. Dolfan

    DolfanFishlore VIPMember

    A relatively easy way to diffuse (not the best though, just better then nothing) is to run the airline tubing into your intake strainer for your filter so it sucks up the bubbles. This way it will get mixed in well with the water in your filter then returned to the tank. A regular diffuser is more ideal but this idea may help until you get one.

    Also, I find that many tanks don't need CO2 injection, unless you have high light or specialized plants. Most low light and easier plants do fine without it, and can do great with a little Excel or other CO2 liquid substitute. I personally don't like all the fuss of CO2 whether going a regular tank system, with all the regulator, tubing, tank, diffuser or DIY, too much equipment to hide and deal with. I like it simple. Don't want to try to hide a tank or some 2 liter bottles next to my tank or whatever.
  8. ryanr

    ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    Hi Chloe,
    DIY CO2 certainly works, and works quite well, with the caveat of temperature. When I had mine setup, I found it worked great, and consistently, when the room temperature was above 20C (Spring, Summer and Autumn), but as the ambient temperatures dropped, so did the CO2 output. Mind you, in the warmer months, the reaction was faster, and the mix didn't last as long.

    Here's a good thread for DIY CO2

    You can use cotton wool as a diffuser, and it works quite well.

    I also set mine up with 2 bottles on a T join, and think (can't prove) that it didn't work as well as one bottle at a time, or maybe I just didn't do it right :;dk
  9. OP

    Chloe432New MemberMember

    I have tried an air stone but it doesn't seem to work nothing comes out, and the cotton wool also :( but i made a simple bell trap with holes in the top so when one bubble comes out the tube more come out the top, it's not great but it slows the co2 down till I can get something better :)

    Edit: I have quite a few plants some of which need high light (I have 3+ watts per gallon) and I'm attempting to have a glossostigma carpet , so I'm just trying what I can to help :)
  10. Dang

    DangWell Known MemberMember

    It works fantastic once you play with the "recipe" of yeast and sugar to where it last a couple weeks for you and is slow and steady. Also in my experience its ALL about how you diffuse it in the water, you can make as much co2 as you want but unless its getting diffused right its a waste.
  11. AngelZeeValued MemberMember

    Completely agree with everyone. DIY CO2 is definitely worth it if you want to save money and are willing to put in a bit work. It takes a while getting the recipe to work effectively, took me 4 times to even get it to diffuse.

    It is a very cheap and is better than no CO2, I haven't had mine for long but I got the recipe part done, CO2 is being produced at about 2 Bubbles a second and is being diffused nicely in a ladder diffuser.
  12. Harlebleondora

    HarlebleondoraWell Known MemberMember

    Yes it definitely does. I run 4 gallons of diy co2 on my 45 gallon. Here is a before and after shot of my tank.

    The day I installed the diy co2. I planted these plants 5 months before I started injecting co2 and had barely any growth. Within a week of injecting co2 I noticed growth.

    3 months later.
    Within a week of injecting co2 I noticed growth. The sword furthest on the right grew to that size within a month.

    I think it needs a trim :)
  13. AngelZeeValued MemberMember

    Probably does ^ But that is nice jungle you have there.
    4 Gallons is alot though! What are you using buckets? :p
    And how are you diffusing it?

    I use a ladder diffuser as I read that glass diffusers need alot of pressure to actually work properly.
  14. Harlebleondora

    HarlebleondoraWell Known MemberMember

    Two ladder diffusers. I use 2l soft drink bottles.
  15. Harlebleondora

    HarlebleondoraWell Known MemberMember

    Hmm, I have 3 bottles linked together by t joins and they work very well, 2bps.

    EDIT: Sorry, just realised I made a back to back post. Could a mod merge these for me?
  16. Justiceman1991New MemberMember

    Hey Chloe, if your still looking for ways to better diffuse co2 from a diy system, i've use power heads to do it, basically i just got a cheap low flow $15 power head from my local big box pet store and drilled a hole in the bottom and stuck the co2 tube inside. The impeller chops the bubbles up quiet effectively. But do
    Be careful, i have hear if it too well and giving the fish in the tank co2 poisoning or causing the ph to crash, but you you have a lot of plants they should gobble up the co2 pretty quick. I would use a air pump with a stone at night to compensate for the diy system running all the time

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