Diy Canister Filter, Good Or Bad Idea?


So, I'm trying to think of a way to make a canister filter that never (or at least hardly ever) needs opened.
I'm thinking of combining the DIY King's two videos - one about using a powerhead as a water polisher, where he just puts a cut open bottle on a powerhead and stuffs the bottle with filter floss, and the second where he makes a canister from a 5 gallon bucket.
So, I was thinking do the powerhead with filter floss, but then run tubing from the powerhead output into the bucket. The filter floss would trap all the mechanical filtration, and be much easier to swap the polyfill than cleaning out a canister and the bucket could just be completely filled with Matrix or something. I know it would greatly reduce the gph of the powerhead to be pushing water down into the bucket and then back up to the tank, so I was thinking maybe double up and use 2 powerheads. I saw a sunsun powerhead around 435gph for like $10 on amazon, so I was thinking 2 of those and either run both into the top of the bucket or wye them into a larger input and then come out of the bottom of the bucket with the return back to the tank.
What do you all think of that idea? If pumps die, no chance of flooding. Mechanical filtration in the bottle would easily be seen to tell when it is full of gunk and replace. Should trap everything from getting into the bucket of bio media so it would hardly ever need fooled with except to reach in the tank and replace the filter floss? Also wondering if 2 - 435gph would be enough to push the water down and back up to the tank with enough gph to match, say my sunsun 404B that probably gets 300-350gph fully loaded (525gph manufacturer rated). Would also give the benefit of two intakes to be placed at different locations.


Long term, I think it'll be one of those, tried it and meh. You'll have a few pumps laying around for other tinkering.
Why not also use a pusher on the other side of the bio bucket? FYI, that floss and clog pretty quick, make sure that is the easy part to change.


The floss would be very easy to change compared to shutting off a canister and tearing it down to clean the course/medium/fine media.
Simply reach inthe tank and pull the clogged up floss out and stuff new in. Plus it's extremely cheap for a big bag of it so even if it need replaced weekly or 2-3 times a week, still easier to just reach in the tank and swap it out than the 20min. or so it takes to do a weekly canister cleaning.
My main concern is flow rate/pressure. With the pumps both in the tank trying to push water out of the tank, down to the bucket, then back up to the tank. I'm not too sure if powerheads are capable of that, but can't find any information on it.


Positive pressure into the bucket will probably lead to leaks or blown out hoses when you aren't around. Be careful with connections, etc.

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