DIY Breeder Box

  1. jbdub

    jbdub Valued Member Member

    This has probably been brought up before but have people tried making their own breeder boxes?

    Surely a sizeable clear tuperware box with some DIY done to it could do a great job?

    I bring it up because the store bought one I have is a bit small and I really don't see anything about it that I couldn't do myself. My only concern is the materials used in making certain tupaware boxes but you'd think it's just hard plastic.
  2. Fall River

    Fall River Valued Member Member

    Generally speaking, if it's food safe it should be ok.
  3. nippybetta

    nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    I don't know about making one, but I'll be watching this thread because I recently stepped on mine...

    There are different kinds of recycled plastic. Inside the recycling logo there is a number- if it's 3 or 7 it will leak harmful compounds into the water. That's about as much as I can help you.
  4. OP

    jbdub Valued Member Member

    Thanks thats useful info.
    I'll keep the thread updated and post some pics as I go
  5. OP

    jbdub Valued Member Member

    I ended up having a go at this! It kinda worked I'll post photos up soon