Diy Breeder Box? Platy Birth?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by tum0r, Apr 18, 2018.

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    I am considering making a breeder box for my platy. I have no males in the tank and it's been about a month since I got her, but she does look pregnant. I have other fish in the aquarium that would definitely try to eat the fry. I have never had pregnant platies before, so I'm not sure how long the mother should be in the breeder box for or when I should put her in there? She hasn't started hiding yet so I figure she won't be giving birth yet, I'm trying to keep an eye on her behaviour/her gravid spot since she's quite pale and I've heard you might be able to see small dots of the fry's eyes in that area. I'm also wondering what kinds of plastic are safe for aquarium use? I have a few thin plastic containers from cookies and such that are now empty. Could I rinse them out and poke some small holes in as a sort of breeder box? As a side note, since there are no males in the tank there will be no further impregnations (I am aware female platies can store sperm), but how long will she continue to get pregnant for?
    (Sorry this is a whole mess of questions haha)
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    Hello :) I was also asking about how to make a breeder box for my one gourami fry XD :D I firstly had her in a plastic bottle into which i poked holes, but I was advised here that it is not good enough because the holes will not provide sufficient water flow and therefore filtration in the plastic bottle. (However, gourami fry is super tiny so I also had to just make tiiny little holes.) SO, I improvised. I took a small plastic container from IKEA. One of those you would store some kitchen commodities in. I cut out two opposite sides of the container (yes it does not go easy and leaves sharp edges) and then I took a new pantyhose and cut out the foot part and stocked the plastic box in it, carefully.

    My fishes are in separate tanks now, but in the picture you can see the idea with plastic bottle and then the idea with the plastic container in the pantyhose net. I have the fry in the same box until now (2 weeks) and so far so good. I know it it not good conditions, but it is still not big enough for others to not eat it.

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  3. tum0rValued MemberMember

    That looks fantastic, thank you for sharing, I think I can attempt something along those lines with some very thin mesh I have. Thank you for the warning about the water flow being insufficient too :)
  4. trash.binh91Valued MemberMember

    Can you set up another small thank that she can give birth in?
  5. 123Valued MemberMember

    Happy to help if I can :) I also put some of my floating plants to the fry box, I believes it makes it happier and less stressed, otherwise it had nowhere to hide :) And, I did keep the bottom of the plastic box in my case so it is easier to clean. I take the fry out very carefully with a shot glass into a small bowl when I do water change... because the water level gets too low for the fry box anyway, plus since it is only one fry there is always some leftover food lying on the bottom of the box which I clean 2x a week :) Also, before I put the plastic box with the net in for the first time, I boiled some water in in kettle and pured in it a bowl and then dipped the improvised box in it... just to kinda try sterilize it :D I dont know if that helps anyhow but it just might :D
  6. tum0rValued MemberMember

    I wish I could but I don't have a spare one or one I could clear out for her, it would be preferable to a breeding box I know. :(
  7. trash.binh91Valued MemberMember

    you might not want to, butt you can set up a basic sterlite (food-safe) tub and have her give birth and then you could raise the fry in there.
  8. tum0rValued MemberMember

    The issue with that is that I don't have a spare heater :(
  9. trash.binh91Valued MemberMember

    I feel for you:(