Diy Bio Media


What you think about smashed concrete block as bio media


I'm not sure that it'd be great to use. I'd imagine that it could host some chemicals, and might not be extremely porous.

You can use some dollar store plastic scrubbies, and they'll work very well.


Lavarock ? I've used the baked clay pellets for aquaculture.


For cheap filter media, I agree that the plastic (not metal) pot scrubbers can work just fine.

You can also do a google search for DIY aquarium filter and get some ideas.

I agree that concrete could give off chemicals. I would not use it.


Should've added this to my first post, but DoubleDutch has a point.

I assumed you were talking about a crunched up cinderblock. If that's what you're talking about, my comment still stands.

If you're talking about lava rock, like what you might find in the gardening/grilling section of your local Walmart, then that'll work fine.

But, still, plastic pot scrubbies will fit most filters more tightly, and give you more bacteria per square inch.

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