Diy Aquarium Rack 80g, 40b, 20l Sump


This first part was from a 3 year old thread. Sorry for the Duplicate Post but the other thread was closed. This thread was originally March 23, 2015.

Built my first stand (40B) with the help of DIY Joey's video tutorials. So thanks goes out to Joey for the inspiration for this current project.

This has been on the back burner for awhile but finally got a chance to do some work with an idea I had brewing. To get a lager tank but utilize a similar footprint I already was using and to come out as a finished product.

It has taken me quite a while but the stand is virtually done. All in all I am very happy and satisfied with the outcome because I am extremely green when it comes to doing any of this type of stuff. Cost estimate was somewhere around $100. Don't want to go back and add it all up.

Here is the initial design phase with the first conceived design followed by the end design used. I really only deviated from the end design to add 2x6's for the top rack to even out the weight because there is no middle vertical supports for the top tank.

The next group of pictures is the actual build process. With TJ as my helper of course (he thinks its a house for him).

The last set of pictures is the finishing stage and final product. First time staining anything (last project painted black). Wish I had made all the skin cuts the same direction but didn't want to spend anymore money than I already did. That and the molding was a lighter color than the skin.

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Fast forward 3 years. I had to set aside this project for a long time. Recently I finally got back to it and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have had the top tank drilled for awhile. A recent housing move forced me to shut down my 40B. I took this time to get it drilled. This wasn't the original idea but I thought why not run one tank into the other into the sump.

Then I planned the plumbing and the ordered the parts. $120 for pump and parts. Never would have imagined all the fittings and valves and their costs. The pump was nearly cheaper than than the PVC parts.

The first picture is of the 20 Long sump I built. 1st chamber has the filter sock. The middle chamber will be for a freshwater refugium. African Cichlid stocking for both tanks will not allow much for plants. Bio balls between the baffles after the middle chamber.The last chamber will be the return. Not sure what else will go in there. I am open to any suggestions.

Here is the backside with all the plumbing (dry runned). Then with both tanks. And finally how it will look when displayed.

Ordered and now am waiting on two 3d backgrounds to come in. Once I get those I will silicone the internal overflows and backgrounds Then I will glue/seal all the plumbing. Will cross my fingers after that to hope for no leaks. This project is now almost 4 years in the making. Almost there.

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