DIY Acrylic refugium

Ok, so I want to build a refugium, for my 72 gallon Bowfront Reef, kind of a tuffy due to the bowfront design, so I decided to make my own out of acrylic instead of making it out of a pre existing aquarium such as a 20 gallon etc. so my question is can I make one completely out of acrylic? and if so, any ideas? or any one out there make one and have ideas, comments, photos? Thanks!
HI there,

The DIY tanks are always a bit of work. Not sure why you would not be able to use a standard 20L though. However, if you decide to make an acrylic tank there are a few things to keep in mind. The tank size will determine the thickness of the accrylic. Also you need to find the right adhesive for the accrylic, such as weldon. Other then that, it is dooable and many have done them before. I have only done glass one, since they are easy to get the pices cut to order and then all you have to do is silicones them together. The silicone will work as the glue but also as the sealer. This makes it easy on glass since the silicone is applied on the outside of the seems (inside of the tank). Where as in the accrylic it is placed in between seems and sometimes you gat little gaps here and there that are not that easy to reseal, like glass is. I could help you out as far as the design, but as far as working with the material I have no experince with it.

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