10 Gallon Tank Divided: One 50 watt or two 25 watt

I have a 10 gallon divided by plastic mesh, which will hopefully become a moss wall. Right now I have a HOB filter on one side and a 50 watt heater on the other. Should I get a 25 watt heater for each side and also a HOB filter for each side? Each side will house a Betta and some hitchhiking pond snails, provided the Bettas don't eat them.
The HOB should be fine, but I would do 2 25watt heaters, and here is why:
heaters have a tendency to overheat, so if you had only one heater the fish would fry. With 2 heaters, if one overheats the other simply won't turn on, and no harm is done.
Also, if you only have one heater and it ceases to heat, the tank will get cold. With 2 heaters, you've simply lost half of your heat source, so the tank temp won't change as rapidly and you have more time to replace it.
Filters, IME, tend to last longer.

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