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    I've now been in the hobby about 18 months. When I first started, I got horrible advice from a LFS and ended up killing fish. I got horrible advice over the next 6 months, some of it on forums, some on YouTube - but it's a hobby I enjoy so took the time to learn more, and more and more. I ended up with 4 tanks, RODI System, etc. As I learned more, the more success I had. I now have a single 75 Gallon, with a great stock and haven't had a fish loss in months. It took me time to filter out the good from bad information (and let's be honest, there is bad information even here on Fishlore).

    Today, I'm watching videos on YouTube - and I'm just horrified at what people think is proper in the aquarium trade. Then I realized, these people are probably just going through what I did - propagation of wrong information. So they get something like a blood parrot, stick it in a 10 gallon, take a video of it in the first few days where the fish seems ok, and the tank looks sparkly clean, and post it up, and there you go - propagation of bad information. The next person looks at that video (or the 1000's like it) and think it's ok.

    Even today, 18 months into this - I would consider myself a sophomore at freshwater fish keeping. So I still have to do my research when I run into things I haven't encountered - only I'm much better now at filtering out the fact from fiction.

    What I was wondering - has anyone come across a really good small informational sheet for the beginning fish keeper - the do's and don't's? I know there are resources on the Internet - but something for LFS's and the Petsmart's of the world to have on hand for those newbies coming into the store?

    If not - what should go in one? The nitrogen cycle is important, but to be done in a way to not scare people, but to inform them is important. The thinking around fish will only grow to their environment is still a misconception I see. Basic information, tips, and a list of websites where to get more advice I think would be a great resource.

    There are a lot of people (myself included) that go into a fish store and on impulse get an aquarium and some fish and go home with bad advice and a headache. Something that's not overly wordy, but packed with good information. If there is a pamphlet or brochure like this, I'd like to print it and talk my LFS's and the chain stores near me into possibly handing it out to those new in the hobby. If there isn't one, maybe we can make one?
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    I think one of the best answers that most people don't get is that there isn't rules set in stone for everything. They don't get that sometimes other situations cause another situation to be contradicted. For example, i see so many posts on adding salt to aquariums to medicate when really, it depends on species requirements and tolerbility.
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    That sounds like a great idea! I haven’t seen any great care sheets, at least that I could think of. On it should be:
    Lights, heaters, filters
    Plants help everything
    Nitrogen cycle and testing parameters
    Overstocking, small tanks
    Maintenance ideas
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    As far as fish size, recommended tank size and care seriouslyfish and planetcatfish are 2 of the better sites to research fish. My theory was when in dought go big. Lol. Thankfully when i started out 20 some years ago i had a pretty decent lfs. That said there were a lot of fish just coming into the aquarium trade with a care sheet that was basically 2 sentences long so a lot more was unknown. Honestly the biggest things i notice are newer hobbiest seeing a picture on a box for a tank and trying to duplicate it. Even trained employees cant know everything about every fish they sell they would be overwhelmed. As far as bad advice on forums yea i notice that alot too especially from people that have just setup a tank a month or 2 ago.
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    I, regrettably, have been guilty of giving advice on forums after only a short time in the hobby. It was more just repeating other information I got. I think for the most part, people just want to be helpful.

    Anyway, trying to whittle down what the most pertinent information a new aquarist will need in something they will actually be able to read quickly would be quite a challenge. Reading the responses here though - I also like the idea of a care sheet that could be available for each fish/species would be greatly helpful too - and make it public domain for stores to be able to print themselves. A lot of the online stores do a great job of this (although I do see some discrepancy) - but I don't see many brick and mortar stores doing this - it's like is said above - just little 1 or 2 line things, and most of the time you don't even get that. The other big challenge would be, where to source the information from?