Disney the longfin eel!

  1. Squirtle =) Member Member

    Hey all

    So I have been looking for a fire eel for ever but they are impossible to get, My LFS got a longfin in and I could not resist! I didn know much about them but seems they can live for 80+ years and grow up to 2M (twice to size of a fire eel) which makes them the largest eel I know of!!! not sure what I will do with him but planning on keeping him for as long as I can without being unfair on him.

    Anyways I will take a video every 1-2 months so we can track his growth! I plan on keeping him with lots of aussie natives long as they wont fit in his mouth I have been told its safe! so far I dont know of anyone else keeping this eel in the hobby above 1m so the information it limited many seem to get them to a decent size but then they pass away, I am amusing due to the tank size or not going brackish , so far I have read that they migrate into salt for a few months then breed and the eggs travel back to fresh then so does the eel. (only been reading for 1 hour so not 100% on everything!)

    Anyways here video no.1 I just added him to the QT tank with the perchs (2 jungles and 2 jades, jades are above due to being small enough for the eel to eat right now) Hopefully the eel does grow slow like suggested! His so cute!!! I want to hug this little guy lol!

  2. Squirtle =) Member Member

    Just a little picture to show anyone what I am expecting ;)

    This is a older longfin eel as u can see his head is 2x the size of a human hand ^_^

    the eel god.jpg
  3. psalm18.2 Fishlore Legend Member

    That's a cool eel. How about a nice long piece of pipe hidden in rocks for him to hide in?
  4. Squirtle =) Member Member

    thats the plan when he gets out of QT and into the main tank, but he doesn't hide much in QT tank else I smash my head all up in his face his a bit of a weird one ;D