10 Gallon Tank Disinfecting tank / Setting up for new cycle and fish.


It took me a lot of years after my dog died before I was able to get another dog...although I am around them at work and in life all the time...however, I am eager to bring in a new betta and keep learning .... I will never forget you thought Coco!

I have taken down the old 10 gal tank set up and did a complete chlorox treatment including a thourough rinse and drying in the sun of pump, heater, thermometer, plants and furniture. The only thing I haven't completely dealt with is the GRAVEL SUBSTRATE - any suggestions about how to disinfect or should I toss it and start new?

I had a layer of sand-like white gravel covered by regular gravel-ly white gravel to give me something soft underneth for the plants--- (that after trying to plant them in the normal gravel first).... now the sand and gravel is mixed together pretty much.

I'm inclined to buy new but would love to salvage it if I can.

Is it important to remove all residue of the bleach or will the sun and water conditioner take care of it once I begin new cycle?

What is best for the plants until I get tank set back up and running ? I have them in a pitcher of treated water now. They were all only about 5 days home and planted so it wasn't too much shock removing them from the set-up (I hope).

I plan to get everything dried and clean then reset the tank pretty much as it was.

I have reading to do about cycling the tank before bringing home new Betta (many questions about that but I'll ask on new thread... which I should probably be doing with this topic as well....

Any help in getting old tank disinfected and re set back up is appreciated. or reference to a link that will give me solid and dependable info about the topic : )

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