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    I'm wondering what you all would recommend as a solution for a net/equipment dip to prevent cross contamination and reinfection (in the case of disease). I've been dipping in very hot (just boiled) water, but it's inconvenient and inefficient in terms of the time involved. Is there a bottled product available that could be kept in a sealed container and used as necessary? Thanks for any advice.

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    Thanks for advice! Simple and non-toxic - love it! Do you mix it in certain proportions? More water? Or more peroxide?
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    5 parts water, 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide. Make sure to use the commercial 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution.

    Bleach baths is 19 part water, 1 part bleach (wouldn't recommend this method but does the trick).
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    I didn't know there were different grades of peroxide. How do you tell one kind from another? Where do you get the high test peroxide?
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    It will say on the bottle for example...