Disinfect Live Rock


HI I just got some free live rock with aiptasia. obviously I want to completly destroy the anemone before I put it on my DT will bleach wipe it out? Or are there any simple methods? I don't care if it become regular base rock after the treatment


Hello Sgh,

Hopefully you'll get some responses today from some of our Salt tank keepers.


Stang Man

If you bleach the rock all living bacteria will die, There are products for ridding these anemones or srape them of with a razor blade.


ive read upon this a bit...

but wouldnt hypo salinity do the trick too?
and wouldnt it be extremly easy and worth while if the rock was not in your aquarium and say a pond tub of some sort as not to maybe kill your tank mates and stress about your DT

ive read that hyposalinty is easy to do and kills many things, but difficult when done in the main aquarium
and even though it kills many things, things like algae and and other beneficail things will not be killed and make it though the "OST"...

any one know more about these processes?
read that it kills ich, aiptasia and many more nuisances

ive also read of electrocution, and even better and cheaper takeing a syringe with lemon juice and injecting it with the juice, instant kill, but in my reading what's easier,better,and cheaper than low salinity for a week???

I know this thread is a lil old but this in my eyes is a good one needs more discussion, I don't have the lighting to support anemones but everyone esle prolly does...

my advise is google it as I did,
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