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  1. hcroarkValued MemberMember

    There's a 20G at my dad's work shop. He loves the tank and fish but doesn't take care of it at all. So that responsibility fell to my brother who wants nothing AT ALL to do with the tank. My mom calls to tell me that that are finally taking the tank down and do I want to get the three remaining fish in it (a lone zebra danio and 2 male cherry barbs). Sure, I'll take them. So I head down to the shop yesterday to get the fish. First, I can barely see into the tank due to the green algae all over the walls. Second, I can only locate the 2 cherry barbs. So I start trying to catch them (without a net). And, oh my, there's the danio. Dead. Very dead. And I watched as the swooshing water disturbed the dead floating danio until it's stomach and guts fell out. YUCK!! There's also tons of old food and poop at the bottom.

    When I got home I tested the water. There was about 1-2 ppm of Ammonia.I didn't test nitrites but the nitrates were around 80. The barbs must be very hardy. I'm surprised the fish haven't died from the shock of a clean tank!
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    I'm sure they'll be happy to be in a clean tank :) Be sure to acclimate them slowly, as they're used to very high nitrates now, and you don't know if the pH is different (unless you tested that too).
  3. hcroarkValued MemberMember

    I did test the PH. I just used a quick dip test strip for that and it registered off the chart (which I already knew the PH at the shop was way high) and my water is about 7.6. I took a couple hours to acclimate them. They seem quite happy and energetic today.
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    You should pick up a few more Cherry barbs to really make them happy.
  5. hcroarkValued MemberMember

    I KNEW someone was going to say that!! I know they like to be in schools. But I don't want any more barbs. So they are gonna have to chill out in this tank in a pair. They have been like this for at least a couple years.
  6. TerraWell Known MemberMember

    Go take his 20g tank too and get a school of cherries for it ;)
  7. AvaValued MemberMember

    No point in letting a good 20g go to waste:)
  8. hcroarkValued MemberMember

    I did think about asking for it. But my mom says she may eventually set it up in her house so I let it go. Plus my husband would be aggravated with another tank. Personally, I'd rather get rid of my 46 and 10 and get a 75 or more
  9. AvaValued MemberMember

    Oooooh. I like the way you think! :)