Disease in platy: Help ASAP!

  1. SW5 Well Known Member Member


    Approximately four hours ago, my platy started showing symptoms of disease. Normally, I can diagnose most diseases and treat them, but I am unsure of what this could be. The symptoms started as a sudden bloat, and swimming rather sluggishly, but has since developed into scratching on plants, red, inflamed gills, clamped fins and complete lathargy. I have never seen these symptoms together, and I do not know what to do. Water params are perfect, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 10 Nitrate, and a pH of 7.3. Last water change was on Wednesday, and I took approx 30% of the water out. Now, to make matters worse I leave on vacation early tomorrow morning. What do I do? What is this disease? It almost seems like a mix of a bunch of sicknesses to me...
  2. celizabethh3 Member Member

    It almost sounds like what I have been experiencing in my 36 gallon, minus the red gills but it's with platys as well.

    I wish I could help you. I'm in the middle of asking for help and I'll pass the advice onto you. I wish you the best!

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  3. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Anyone? I hate to be impatient, but I am leaving in the morning, and I need to know what this is...
  4. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Bump! I need help... She is much worse this morning, I don't think she will make it...

    Edit: She barely ate when I fed she just ate a small piece of flake that drifted into her mouth, basically.

  5. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    I am now leaving on vacation, hopefully she has the strength to pull through until I get home... I can't trust my fish sitter to medicate my tank after what happened with my betta, either...
  6. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm sorry we were unable to help

    Have fun on your vacation and try not to worry.
  7. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    SW5, hope you have a great vacation, when you return, look into chilodonella.

  8. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks, riv, I will certainly research that. It probably won't wait until I get home, either lol.

    Edit: I think you got it, Rivieraneo, the symptoms described in most articles match mine precisely. However, I am unsure on what to treat with, different articles are saying different things? What would you recommend?
  9. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    SW5, ive personally never treated chilodonella, but the most common treatment I know of is the use of aquarium salt, this form of treatment is the most natural. I believe metrodiazole is used as well in the treatment of chilodonella but only to treat secondary infections in result of the chilodonella infection. I would look into a bath treatment that targets protozoa, I would use Seachem Paraguard, but encourage you to do more research.
  10. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Thank you very much, riv. I will attempt to treat with aquarium salt when I get home. I have read that aldehyde works, and correct me if I'm wrong, but paraguard is 10% aldehyde, so I will do baths with paraguard.

  11. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    I just got an update from my fish-sitter. It doesn't sound like she is getting worse, but is showing the same symptoms, but what really concerns me is she did not eat yet again. I really desperately want to save this fish's life, but I just cannot trust the fish sitter to do meds anymore, not after my betta.... I just hope to god she pulls through....
  12. celizabethh3 Member Member

    I understand 100%! I am going through something similar and it is honestly terrible because I want my fish to be okay but I have not seen any improvements (nor any worsening of their condition which I hope is a good sign.)

    Here is a link that Riv provided me with that carries medicated foods, so full credit goes to him. I don't know if you will need them but just in case - http://www.peabodysparadise.com/fish-foodfish-meds.html

    They ship medicated foods within the United States (I am Canadian) and the shipping is very reasonable. Good luck! Here's hoping our platys pull through. :)

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  13. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Unfortunately, my fish sitter said that she passed away some time yesterday. R.I.P.

    Grrr, I am so tired of losing fish when I am helpless to do anything about it!!! One week I lose my beloved betta, due to overfeeding by a fish sitter, the next week in my sleep one of my Platys bullied another platy to death, and now I lost my last platy due to a sickness that was discovered the day before a vacation!!! I don't understand why they insist on dying when I am helpless to do anything about it!!!

    Rant over... Sorry. Anyways, RIP poor little unnamed platy. :'(
  14. celizabethh3 Member Member

    I'm so sorry. :( One of my platys passed yesterday as well.

    Unfortunately the situation was out of your hands and you did the best that you could do. All you can do is ensure you're giving them the best home possible, which I know you are. Hugs!

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  15. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks so much for your kind words, celizabethh3 and I am terribly sorry about your platy.

    I guess I should try to enjoy my vacation now, I have been worrying about my sick fish the entire time, I need to relax for a little while...
  16. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    :( soo sorry.