Disease Help! Yellow & White spots on our Clown Pleco


Heya everyone,

Recently our fish had an outbreak of what we assumed to be Ich, and we treated it as such. Almost all the fish have been cured, but our Pleco has only gotten worse. He has yellow (almost cheese colored) spots on his stomach and fins, and white spots on his back and tail areas. See the photos for yourself. The spots on his stomach are 100% yellow, which is why it confuses us to not be Ich? Please if you know whats going on with him, help me out! If you have any questions let me know



I'm responding not because I know the answer, but because I don't want you to feel alone. While I'm not sure of the disease, I am able to more comfortably say it's not fungus because of the clean margins, it's evenly spread and not localized so not columnaris, a quick search does seem to lead that ich may appear differently on plecos.

I'm not up for much longer but I'll ask questions to help those who read this next.

It may even be useful to respond with the emergency template to provide the most information.

What are the occupants of your tank? What is the temperature?
What treatment for ich did you use? Did you complete it in full including the water change? When?
What other occupants are still showing signs of sickness?

Finally, Do you have a heater in the tank?

If so, and if the other occupants can handle a higher temp, I'd raise it to 84 F. You may be given other advice from more knowledgeable members, and I'd heed their advice above mine. To begin, I'd recommend this. Increasing heat, cleaning the substrate, and increasing water changes matching the temperature of the tank can do wonders when limited on options.

I have more questions but, this is enough for one post. Again, respond with an emergency template to provide the forum with the most information.

There is an emergency forum, as well as a pleco forum. The admins can get this to the right place but I don't want you to feel like your fighting alone.
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