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Hey there all,

Every one of us has a severe case of multi-tank syndrome but due to our living conditions, we can't all act on our addiction. My idea here, is to inquire into the tanks that are often on your mind but that due to life or living conditions, you cannot have.
Let's stick to generally realistic tanks for the first few so as to not to have this turn into a list of the Olympic sized swimming pool tanks that you know we would all have. but maybe include 1 wild card "I've just won the lotto" tank.
I'll begin by saying what I currently have and am limited to and state 3 realistic tanks that often cross my mind followed by a bigger dream tank:

My current tank is a 75 gallon high-tech dirted tank with fish and plants from around the world and with no regard toward creating a specific biotope. This is the max I can have in my apartment.

1. I really want to build a prehistoric looking tank with subwassertang, eriocaulons, java ferns and other oddball plants. There would be Pinnatifida "palm trees" strategically placed in the aquascape. I'd like it to be stocked with a selection of fish that look a bit more prehistoric or "aggresive" than the tank I currently have. I'd probably place the plants in dirted pots buried in the substrate that I would want to have a crushed lava stone look to it. Maybe a reverse flow ugf to help my vampire shrimp feed (I think that they would be a good species to stock sense they fit the prehistoric look)
2. I'd love to have a natives (to the U.S) tank. Orange spotted sunfish would be at the top of my list followed by shiners for dither fish and darters for the bottom.
3. I want a paladarium with carnivorous plants and tropical frogs in the dry section and splash tetras in the wet section.

Wild card: If I daydream about what I would do if I fell into a large sum of money, I think about a glamorous but largely unrealistic tank (well, in this case not really a tank)
A stream that would be on my newly purchased rich guy property would diverted into a pond that I would build from scratch. What would make this pond special is that it would be designed into the foundation of my house with the wall of the foundation against that pond being made of very thick glass. This would allow for my massive basement fish gallery to have a beautiful underwater view of my pond. It would be stocked with bass, pickerel, and sunfish among other aquatic critters and planted with lotuses to enhance the beauty of the underwater viewing. The walls of the pond would largely be made of large stones and there would be underwater lighting strategically placed around it. There would also have to be a massive sunken tree in the aquascape. Lastly, the viewing glass would have a wiper system installed so that I don't have to go swimming to clean the glass. As an added bonus, where the stream leaves my pond, I would install a water wheel. After all, who doesn't want a mill wheel?
Anywho, I hope that hearing about my dream tanks was entertaining for you. Please, share what tanks are floating around in your mind!


I have plans for a 125+ gallon paludarium set up in my bedroom. It's primarily for my boa constrictor but go big or go home right? He loves to perch his but on branches and soak and swim so might as well give him a really area to swim in and not just a water bowl.

Thing is, the space I want for this tank also has to hold my dresser because I kind of need somewhere to put socks and the like, you know? My biggest issue so far has actually been finding a dresser with the dimensions to be able to hold a tank on top of it. I've had so little luck with that in fact, that I'm looking into getting a wooden stand for the tank and building drawers into one side of it for my clothes (I don't need a ton of space for my clothes, I'm utilitarian but I still have clothes).

Any who, back to the tank itself, not the stand. Ideally I want it big enough that I can do an honest to goodness slice of the amazon. I already have the boa after all. So I will have a land area built up, but then the water will have large pieces of driftwood that rise out of it that my boa can also hang on. I will be building a 'rain' system that I can switch on to the direct flow up into some tubing that will then, much like a spray bat just above the water, create a raining effect. This is not only very natural to biotope but my husband sleeps wonderfully to rain sounds. Can't get much more natural than a rainforest in your bedroom.

The land will of course have several hardy plants that the boa can't just crush (larger snakes tend to be very destructive to plants without even meaning to) which will ideally have large leaves for the raindrops to pitter patter down on.

The water area will be planted as well, with the idea that several larger plants will be able to grow emerssed. I would like there to be enough room for the water area to hold a group of discus, as the boa and discus overlap in many parts of their habitat. The boa will appreciate the warmer water the discus live in. They'll also probably be some corydoras or oil cats if I could find them but honestly the discus are my main idea for the water area. Although the husband says we should keep some of the angelfish spawn and keep them and let them live in the tank instead. We'll see. Maybe we'll go with that instead. I just want some good sized, obviously from south America fish in there.


That sounds amazing! Although difficult... but that's part of the fun isn't It? I recall that the New England aquarium had a paladarium set up like that but for what I believe was an Anaconda. I can't imagine that they'll keep it in there till it's full grown as I understand they get a just wee bit large. Obviously they are a bit more "aquatic" than boas and when I saw him/her he/she was just lounging in the water with a bunch of Amazonian fish swimming around.


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Found one of my old pictures of it. This is obviously just the underwater portion but I might be a be biased!

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