Discus Running Around Like Crazy

Discussion in 'Discus Fish' started by shadow7x, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. shadow7xNew MemberMember

    I have an 85 gallon tank with 8 discus around 5 inches each . Recently one of my discus started zigzagging in the tank at high speed and I ignored it , the next day two discus started doing the same, I changed them to a isolation tank where it did well , I added salt to the main tank and the isolation tank , the discus looked normal in the isolation tank so I moved it back to the main tank in a day

    That afternoon one of the discussion started the same zig zagging , so I gave the tank a salt bath 15grm salt for a gallon water.. still no change in the discus , I've put it in the isolation tank and noticed a skin lesions what could be the problem ?

    PS : I INTRODUSED new plants into the tank a week ago
  2. Rohit messValued MemberMember

    Please post a pic of tank or describe it with details.
    Discus are normally shy and may go crazy if no hiding place/shady dark area is present.
    Discus may be facing problem due to temperature variation or some other water parameter, so test your water and see how the results turn out.
    Most likely case seems to be the new plants. If you see similar behaviour in one more discus in main tank then its plants problem. Maybe they have introduced some hitch hiker pathogens along from the previous tank they were in.
    In that case remove the plant and quarantine it for couple of weeks (i do this for 2-3 weeks with daily water changes in a mug, bottle, or my spare tank).
    Yo can also do bleach dips or potassium permanganate dips. Please research if the plant will survive this methods. I have not done this so i hope someone will guide you on it.
    Wish you good luck on the discus health.
  3. shadow7xNew MemberMember

    More of my discus started getting affected.. made a potassium permanganate dip for 2 seconds on all discuss and moved them to another tank..Got rid of the plants and my main tank is soaking in potassium permanganate.. currently one discus is very sick. It's staying close to the surface almost flat ... Let me see what happens tomorrow
  4. shadow7xNew MemberMember

    My tank status ac5543ff55e79462f1925a0d289604bb.jpg5bd4fbd5737152e34955e72ea04d2905.jpg8762d5d1f4fe72a6816637ab0b868dd0.jpg
  5. Rohit messValued MemberMember

    Why is your entire tank red? Did you just add the potassium permanganate directly? :O
    And did you dip discuss in kmno4? .
    I hope you have researched on it as i do not know and have not done anything like this as i have mentioned in my previous responses.

    Now for discus: they seem to retreat and group together in one shady corner. This is probably due to stress. Keep the lights off. It will soothe them.
    Also add some plants or cover for them to hide in/behind.
    If you google for discuss tanks you will find its back and sides covered/painted in black. This is to keep them under less stress.
  6. Disc61Well Known MemberMember

    first I want to say Discus are not a shy fish. Healthy Discus should be very social and at the front of the glass when you enter the room.

    how are things @shadow7x
    A PP treatment is very effective if done properly. is the solution of PP in the Pic above what you dipped your Discus in?
    that is a very strong treatment and can Kill Discus.
    in a proper diluted treatment the color should be a very light pink.
    I have done this treatment many times and my Discus would sit in the solution for 4-6 hours.
    it is a very mild treatment that needs monitored the entire time the Discus are in the solution.

    the zigzagging tells me something is in the water column.
  7. shadow7xNew MemberMember

    Lol .. moved the discus before I did that to the tank , made a pp solution in a bucket dipped them and moved them to an isolation tank ... Bombed my main tank with pp .. all my tetras are in a bucket ... Anubais and Moss had a pp dip and are in a bowl .. threw away rest of the plants .. all my discuss are in a 2*1.5*1.5 tank(a bit crowded) all my decoration and canister are in the sun drying
  8. shadow7xNew MemberMember

    I used a dark concentrate dip for 3 seconds .. currently all discuss are okay , they are not brothered even if i touch them
  9. shadow7xNew MemberMember

    My first time giving dips btw
  10. shadow7xNew MemberMember

    Discus are better now the got sick again in the quarantine tank (in around 4days ) by that time my main tank was ready , now they are in my 80gallon tank with 700gm salt and temperature of 33 Celsius , it's been 3 days they are doing fine now, although one of the discus tail is weird
  11. shadow7xNew MemberMember

    Tail 125fab1ecff1786097c85e5011a9a94e.jpgf534e166ed91bfce9351acdf18cd89a4.jpg
  12. Disc61Well Known MemberMember

    you better get the gourami out of there.
  13. shadow7xNew MemberMember

    Gourami died all the discus are safe , but the stunted discus is looking bad but it's movement patterns are normal