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  1. MD Angels

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    Hey fellow Canucks, and Discus enthusiasts!

    I just found a wonderful website for a woman in Ottawa who raises discus, and has a ton of plants and other goodies for sale. I just stumbled upon her ad for plants on kijiji and then went to her site.

    She has GORGEOUS discus, AND Angels for sale!!! :D I plan on browsing her set up soon, to get some plants and hopefully an angel (my leopard mysteriously died, so quarantine time is extended for the others:shock:).

    I was really impressed so I thought I should share. Enjoy! :)

  2. Butterfly

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    Beautiful discus for sure!
    I hope you don't mind I moved your thread to the reviews forum.
    Thanks for posting this.
  3. OP
    MD Angels

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    Oh ok, no problem!