Discus - Mating Or Aggression

  1. David Brady

    David Brady New Member Member

    Hi everyone,

    Got some new discus (2). I separated them initially and then introduced to test of fish last night. This morning I’m witnessing behaviour I haven’t seen in my discus before and wonder whether it’s aggression or mating or just trying to find thebe reposition in pecking order. What you see is one of the older fish (used to lowest in pecking order) with the two new fish. The older fish (apart from one showing) have grown quite big, I put the size of this one down to domination. As you can see it looks the same size as the 6 month old new entrants.

    Discus behaviour
  2. tetratetris

    tetratetris Valued Member Member

    Im Not sure... but maybe you got two males????

    Ehhh probably not but just an idea. Not even sure if two male discus would be aggressive but just basing it on most other fish.

    Leave it to the smarter people other than me