Discus fry!

  1. octo90 Member Member

    Hi all have t been on here in a little while, just a little update on how my discus are, they've spawned about 4 times now in the last 3 weeks.
    Gunna try post a picture up to see what you all think :)
  2. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Cool! Have the eggs hatched?

  3. octo90 Member Member

    Yeah starting to free swim today :) having some trouble today some are getting sucked into the filter :( I can't get near the filter type to cover it as they keep nibbling on my arm :(
  4. octo90 Member Member

    Having trouble posting a pic off my smartphone and iPad mind :eek:

  5. Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

  6. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Yay, free swimming! I ave a guppy giving birth today- it's not as exciting, but it's cool to get new fry.
  7. octo90 Member Member

    I got the app mike it's still doesn't seem to be working though, congrads on fry there nippy!