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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by derkulies, Jul 10, 2015.

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    Hey guys,
    I'm getting a full 150 gallon set up soon for free (I know extatic !!! Guy just wanting it gone) my question really is what all should I be getting in the habit for if I decide to go with discus. What temp to keep it at? What water stats should I have? PH hardness? Tank mate possibilities I mean all and the above. Any suggestions any knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated. These fish are expensive for freshwater and rather not be killing them off. Also should I think of automatic water changing system as well?

    Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated cuz everything I've come across says they are picky but they feel vague on descriptions !

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  2. BDpups

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    It depends on if you get juvis or adults. Juvis require more work. They need clean water and a good variety of food to develop properly. They also need to be fed frequently which means lots of water changes.

    Adults, as long as they are not wild caught, are no harder to keep than any other cichlid. Good food and clean water and they should be fine.

    I keep my discus tank at 83. I keep blue rams, rummie nose tetra, SAE and otos with mine. Pretty standard. But any peaceful community fish that can be OK at the higher temps should be ok.

    As long as they are tank raised and not wild caught, they will adjust to your water. A stable PH is better than the perfect PH. I would not try messing with it. It will probably cause more harm than good.

    A water changer? YES! Even without discus, a drip system, or a complete water changer would be beneficial. It will also make it easier if you get juvis. If you go this route you will obviously need a sump. Which on a 150 is what I would do anyway.

    If you can't find them tank raised locally, I can give you some links to some excellent breeders and sellers.
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    I would love that ! As for tank mates I was really thinking of bottom feeders for algea control basically keep away from chems as much as possible. How often do you have to feed juvenile? And pH I have is about 7.5 and hardness is a little higher cuz we have hard water where I live.

    So what I'm understanding is stable water is key for them?

    And do link for me if you could I would like to atleast check it out before I dive in head first on this.

    I also have a LFS about an hour away I've seen sell juvenile fish and I know they could get more. I think they are absolutely beautiful fish and rare where I live so they would be a great addition to my home. I have a basement I'm going to set the tank up for automatic water changing and it much more Suttle down there not as much commotion. Dynamics of my house is fish dog cat birds ... kids ... I have a zoo lol

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  4. BDpups

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  5. AquaticBrandon

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    If I'm not mistaken, when juveniles 4-5 small feedings a day is good.

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  6. BDpups

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    That's what I have always done.