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I’m rating the foods I’ve fed thus far and how well they’ve eaten them:

1. omega one super color flakes
2. Aquatic foods 12 type floating and sinking pellets Gournet blend
3. Freeze dried California blackworms
4. Tetra colorbits
5. Frozen bloodworms
6. Cardinal tetras

I have yet to include frozen brine shrimp but I’m picking that up tomorrow.
I use a Garlic guard too but I don’t get why they’re most ravenous about flakes given their menu so far! Oh well.

what foods do yours prefer and rank them from best to worst if want.

p.s. just joking on #6 lol I don’t feed them tetras !!!!!


Gamer said:
p.s. just joking on #6 lol I don’t feed them tetras !!!!!
So glad I read the whole post before typing a reply! I was about to ask if you fed them on purpose
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I just tried frozen brine shrimp and you guys were right, all of them devoured it and there are six total now in a 55 gallon because 29 is too small to grow them out in but 55 with metric ton water changes can work.
Amazing fish and they’re eating so dang great!

I get that frozen beef heart messy but any opinions on beefheArt flake or whatever else form beefheart kens fish makes up?


Here is a list, when I kept them:

1. Freeze dried Blackworms with or with out spinach.
2. Frozen and Freeze dried Bloodworms
3. Frozen and Live Brine shrimp
4. EBA fry, if they can catch them - No Joke!

Never tried any beefheart.
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