Discus Dying Off?


HI everybody-
a friend of mine called me in a frantic this morning, saying two days ago his yellow discus died. and today, Biscus the discus died. Yellow guy had a weird cotton ball thing on his face (pic below) Biscus just up and died. He's got more discus in that tank. Due to the price and emotional attachment we're doing everything we can to save them. Unfortunately, I had to admit I didn't know everything about everything, and I'm turning to you guys for help. Theres also a fire eel in the tank, so we have to play safe with the medicine with that one in there. I believe there's a cray fish or two as well. He says his water params are fine, discus friendly. Low pH 0ppm on ammonia and nitrites.

Also 0 ppm on nitrAtes. which is a tad concerning to me. Could just be me though. When cotton ball face happened, he put Pimafix in the tank. Supposedly safe for everything and everybody. But does anybody have any ideas? he's in a rough spot and losing his discus isn't helping. Thanks always.


Hi, I haven't kept Discus for a long time. Can your friend get the fire eel & cray fish into another tank while the discus are treated? It could just be a fungal infection which is usually a secondary problem from something else as the fungus usually erupts when the fish's immune system is low so it could be secondary to something like internal parasites. My concern though is it may be 'Discus plague' as it seems to have killed your friends fish so quickly & it looks in the pic you posted that the fish is getting a dark shading in the white on the top but I don't know that may have been it's natural colouring, did your friend notice any of the other symptoms below? I never had that problem but I remembered reading about it years ago & looked up the article (below). I hope it's not plague but at the very least your friend needs to treat for fungal & internal parasite infection.

Discus Plague:
Discus are covered in a white like cotton wool, turning black, they will look emaciated, stop eating, & lay on their sides. This is a nasty bacterial and parasite infection. It is nearly impossible to treat. When they do survive normally they will be a carrier of the disease. Never mix them with new discus or healthy discus. They must live in a tank by themselves or other discus that have had the same disease.
“Make sure you have plenty of air stones for this treatment”
***************Caution, This Is a very Strong Medication Dosage. Make sure your diagnoses is correct prior to using this treatment******************
50 percent water change
Wipe down the sides of the aquarium
Treat with octozin and a full dose of Interpet Number Nine anti-internal bacteria
On days two and three treat with a half of dose of both treatments.
Day 4 add a full dose of both treatments again
Day five, 50 percent water change and add ammo lock, by this time your filter cycle may be knocked out, and add salt to the water.
Carry out a 50 percent water change, and replace with a half a dose of salt until the surviving discus is better.

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