Discus and bare bottom tank

  1. Angels4

    Angels4 Valued Member Member

    I am really looking into a discus tank and trying to just figure out the set up I would want .I noticed a lot of discus keepers have bare bottom tanks with plants in pots.Is this try and eiliminate nitrite build up with gravel ?
  2. v

    velveteentuzhi Valued Member Member

    Discus like really clean water. Having a bare bottom tank is a way of ensuring that there's no decomposing or waste buried beneath gravel mucking up the water. Basically, they're just eliminating an area where things can cause water impurity/ammonia spikes

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  3. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    When the discus are young and require frequent feedings and large, frequent water changes, bare bottom is easier. When the discus are adults and need fewer feedings and less water changes (still 1-2x week minimum), nothing wrong with having substrate and live plants!