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    Hello FL! SO....... In searching for a new bulb for my Helios VHO PC fixture, i learned that they indeed did discontinue all of their VHO ventures in their lighting, none of the stores that carried the bulbs have them anymore and im wondering if i can maybe use regular PC bulbs? The fixture clearly states "use only Helios VHO bulbs" but what choice do i have? im not really in the green right now to buy a new fixture, and my bulb is going just fine right now even though its the half actinic bulb. I was thinking about this,




    or any suggestions as far as gutting the fixture for the elecronics and using this bad boy


    Thanks for any and all help

    anyone got any suggestions, sorry for bugging so early in the morning, haha =]

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    I'm not sure if VHO are interchangable with standard CFL bulbs. Perhaps if you don't get any replies you can send Mathas a PM & see if he can help. He's pretty good with the lighting stuff.
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    sounds good, thank you sir! dont laugh but, how do you PM someone? haha, i dont have everything on the sight figured out yet, and how would i go about finding his profile thing? is there a member search or something?
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    Just type "Mathas" into the search box at the top of the page. Click the option to view his profile (fourth search result down the page). You can then just leave a visitors message that he will be notified of the next tiem he logs on.
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    I guess anything is possible, but I certainly wouldn't try it. Failure to pair the correct type of bulbs with the fixture's ballast can result in anything from dramatically-shortened bulb lifespan to ballast burnout, and could potentially even start an electrical fire if the absolute worst-case scenario came to pass.

    If the ballast is looking for a certain type of bulb, use that type of bulb. If that type of bulb is no longer made, you'll have to replace the ballast/fixture.

    I wish there were a better answer for you, but I don't think there is one.
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    id take your word for it, my bulb is still working fine, im just planning ahead, i guess i better start saving now, haha, what would you recommend? i have 3.1 wpg right now with this fixture. Is It difficult to replace the ballast? Its an internal ballast, one of those slim ones,