Disaster Hit...

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    abheeshs Member Member

    So, I was at the LFS and saw this huge guppy pregnant female. I really wanted it, but as my cycle was still going on, they refused to sell it to me. This time, I am done with cycle, and it has already delivered. So, I brought home this big fish and put her with my endlers.

    I had lot of newborns, didn't thought much bout it, but she ate all of them, yes all of them!!! My last batch of frys are 2 weeks old and they seem to be fine. As I have a rocky substrate, they have place to hide.

    I got a small feeder net and set it up. The problem is I cannot get to the frys as they are hiding. Also, the duckweed is not helping.

    And I was feeding like crazy, now the tank should have a spike, which is going to be messy.

    Bad me, bad me.
  2. maggie thecat

    maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Guppies eat their fry. It's a bit twisted, but Nature can be that way. Don't be too hard on yourself.
  3. jmaldo

    jmaldo Well Known Member Member

    The trials, tribulations and rewards of keeping Wet Pets. We have all been there.
    :( :;bananawater