Disappearing Fish

  1. C

    ChiefBrody Valued Member Member

    Seriously how many of you know you put a certain fish in a certain tank and just never saw it again?
  2. tommywantfishy

    tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    Has happened to me once. Crazy.
  3. OP

    ChiefBrody Valued Member Member

    I lost an extremely rare female like this when I moved her trying to save her... idunno if my tetras picked her apart or what. I never found a body

  4. tommywantfishy

    tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    My Betta Spartacus flat out disappeared in one night. I fed him. I went to bed....20 hours later......gone. he was 2 years old. No....and I mean NO trace.
  5. jmaldo

    jmaldo Well Known Member Member

    I swear it just happened I could only find 3 albino cories thought I had 4 cories until my son reminded me.
    I lost 1 in my mind. LOL :;bananawater
  6. OP

    ChiefBrody Valued Member Member

    Right... ?????
  7. bgclarke

    bgclarke Well Known Member Member

    I've had two panda cories just vanish.
    No trace of their bodies.
    I think the amano shrimp and/or assassin snails got them.
  8. scarface

    scarface Fishlore VIP Member

    I just cleaned my canister for the first time. I already thought I had a lot of cherry shrimp babies. Apparently I got a ton of them thriving in between the sponges and media. I even found a fish fry, which I promptly netted and put in my shrimp only walstad tank. I'm pretty sure it's a white cloud minnow.
  9. fishes were wishes

    fishes were wishes Valued Member Member

    My betta dissapeared.
  10. 2211Nighthawk

    2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    My dad was fish sitting for me an I had an 8" dojo loach in a bow front 30g with sand. He spent half an hour looking for that dumb fish, then raked the sand with a coat hanger to try and find her for another half hour before giving up. (Yes I freaked when he said coat hanger) An hour later he went back down and she was sitting on the sand happy as can be.

    I used to have a 3" bumblebee catfish. It NEVER occurred to me for the longest time that *might* be why my danios kept disappearing.

    Now I think back on that and it's like "duh!"

    Even the Bumblbee I had recently would snatch up the neons when they got sick. They were the same size at the catfish. (Really small catfish)
  11. OP

    ChiefBrody Valued Member Member

    There's a thought. I put a bumblebee in the same tank and I never see it either but I thought it was hiding from the breeding cockatoos. There's still plenty of surviving fry so I didn't think it would hurt.... but a catfish is a catfish!
  12. 2211Nighthawk

    2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Bumblbees have the protential to be really bad for that. They have such big mouths. Others like a Raphael don't have nearly as large of a mouth but I think they get bigger.
  13. OP

    ChiefBrody Valued Member Member

    What do I care he's only eating $30 fish right???? Ha!
  14. queeqyo

    queeqyo New Member Member

  15. m

    mollybabes Well Known Member Member

    My baby mollies, wiggle, Alexa and Alonzo just disappeared. I knew Wiggle was ill and dying, but Alexa was a week old and Alonzo even less. I saw Alexa everyday for 3 days and then I only saw Coconut(Her sister). I assumed she died. Alonzo, I saw him for like 2 days and now I can only see a different little one in there. I'm not surprised, my mollies will eat them in an instant.
  16. OP

    ChiefBrody Valued Member Member

    I heard a story about khulis that found their way into a undergravel filter... and bred in there! Totally unbeknownst to the keeper
  17. Nigel95

    Nigel95 Valued Member Member

    Amano shrimp are really fast in dissapearing bodies.
  18. Sarah73

    Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Usually when a fish disappears you will see a very tiny bone. Not even that sometimes. Could be anything really. Mating, hiding, dying, can't eat, etc.
  19. OP

    ChiefBrody Valued Member Member

    I'd search more aggressively but I don't wanna disturb everything. If everything else looks good it's just a weird case of the system balancing itself out
  20. VioletSS

    VioletSS Valued Member Member

    Can you believe I had a PLANT disappear?!

    Tall, delicate plant that I knew wasn't going to make it. The goldfish were messing with it. But I checked on it and the stem was strong.

    A few days later, a few leaves were floating around and the entire (5 inch?) stem and lower leaves were completely gone.