Dirted, Planted 75 Gallon 75 Gallon Tank

  1. TrogdorSlayer22

    TrogdorSlayer22 Member Member

  2. MD Angels

    MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Wow, gorgeous tank! A lot like what I am going to be doing! I don't know why, but watching that made me a little motion sick! lol
  3. e_watson09

    e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    Gorgeous tank! Made me a little sick as well, but I really enjoyed watching. All your fish look so happy.
  4. OP

    TrogdorSlayer22 Member Member

    Yeah, I know, I was moving around a lot, and too fast in the video; plus the blurriness at some points makes it kinda.... ;:barf lol, sorry about that.....

    Anyways, Thanks a lot!
  5. nippybetta

    nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Beautiful, wish I could make something like that. I seem to have really bad luck when I try. I love the angel, and the ram. The angel looks a lot like my marble one does, but yellower.
  6. R

    Royal pleco Member Member

    Sweet pieces of wood... like the tank
  7. OP

    TrogdorSlayer22 Member Member

    Thanks, NippyBetta and Royal Pleco! :p

    All the wood is from the Florida Keys (Islamorada, Key Largo, & Sanibel)