Dinoflagellates Noooo X.X

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    So I have been feeding more heavily, which I should stop bc its effecting my Nano! This is my first Saltwater tank btw! So sorry for the questions and long post >.>

    I have 20 gal long and Dinoflagellates are appearing! I know its Dinos bc I have been researching for hours is stringy, and has stupid bubbles! Now it is only on my Rocks so it isnt a full outbreak but it makes me mad! My tank is at least 6 months old almost 7, so I know my tank is still finding equilibrium but T.T
    Parameters are.
    pH 8.2

    I run a GFO reactor with Carbon! I was thinking of doing a lights out! I read WCs can actually promote dino growth! I know my parameters for Calc and Alk are lower but I Dont want to do a WC till this is controlled!

    I read about dosing Hydrogen Peroxide, and I will save it as a last resort.

    My Coral Stock:
    Hammer Coral
    PomPom Xenia
    Green Star polyps
    Encrusting Coral

    If I black out my tank for 2-3 days will it kill my corals? I read the best way would be to cover the tank too, but I dont want my corals to die! If I supplement Reef Chili and feed them will it make it less of an issue. Most of my corals are photosynthetic but will eat food!

    What is the best way to keep nutrient levels lower!?
    I was thinking of using a HOB Refugium and housing copepods in there to help consume single cell organisms and nutrient export due to not running a skimmer!

    BLack out tank 72 hours, feed reef chili to keep corals alive since they wont be photosynthesizing.

    To keep nutrients low:
    I feed Frozen Mysis and Seachem Marine Flakes, should I feed every other day? what feeding schedule would you reccomend? I have freshwater tanks i feed about 3 or 4 times a week, but I thought I read Marine fish need to be fed more frequently or is this not so?

    I have: 2x snow clowns, sharknose goby, cleaner shrimp, 1 banggai

    I like to feed my hammers and frogspawn but i have been feeding my corals daily with reef chili, I believe this is causing excess nutrients, I try to feed frozen as it takes longer to break down, but my fish wont suffer from every other day feeding?

    If you feed your tanks how often do you feed your corals? Will turbo snails eat Dinos?

    This is my tank:

    13584667_1092038604176246_5871322514611605065_o.jpg this picture is from this morning the only thing that really has noticeable dinos on it is the rock in the middle arching to my Hammers and Frogspawn. It was clear this morning, I came home from work and its covered in dinos and bubbling and long and stringy. I had no idea they deveoped that fast!

    Maybe if it stays on that rock I can just pull it out and scrub it!? its not on my substrate yet so maybe I can isolate it before it spreads! Any tips?

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    If you can isolate it, do it as soon as possible, i haven't had to deal with it, but my understanding is that it spreads really fast. Remove all snails that you can and place them in another tank, as they will die to the dinos and fuel it even more. I assume you are running a protein skimmer, GFO will help but you are already running that. frequent water changes with 0 TDS water will also help, make sure your ro/di water is at 0 TDS.