Important Dino Or Diatom??


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5 to 10 years
It's hard to say. I don't think I've ever had Dino but from what I've seen online, it is not usually green. I have dealt with diatoms a time or two and in my experience, diatoms are not hairy looking.

So, to me, it looks like you've got some run of the mill GHA, which of course, there are many, many types, making it difficult indeed to know exactly what we're dealing with. Luckily, treatment is the same.

In the off chance that you are also dealing with diatoms... well, they seem to run their course despite keeping nutrients low and such, so with these guys, we just have to maintain a clean tank and wait for them to go away.

Again, treatments are the same... keep a clean tank, watch nitrates and phosphates, take care that the photoperiod isn't too long, and finally, consider your nutrient export methods and how you might better them. For me, with a 20g long closed system reef tank (no sump), nutrient export is handled by an HOB refugium, replacing filter pads twice a week, (I buy in bulk, following a floss & toss method), keeping fresh ChemiPure Elite running, and sticking to those 20% weekly water changes like clockwork. This has kept algae under control, while mere months ago, some kind of hair algae was engulfing my zoas (who looked a lot like yours) as well as growing in other areas. The difference between then and now is keeping up with the floss & toss method as well as switching from ChemiPure Blue to Chemipure Elite... Elite contains granular ferric oxide, a phosphate reducer, and the same stuff that folks with bigger tanks use in GFO reactors.

Hope this helps!


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Looks more like green hair algae to me as well. If all else fails Fluconazole will wipe it out for you.

My tank 2 week before treatment (notice all the hairy gunk in the rockwork):

My tank after a single dosage and letting it sit for a month with no water changes:

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