Dinner Time...hmm Which One

catherine Parker
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I thought this was so funny, I had to share, it looks they are choosing there own dinner.

Poppy on the left almost 2 years old (white and black, nicknamed sheep, as she leaves fur everywhere she goes and has a very thick coat)

Missy on the right 4 years old (Calico, nicknamed wriggle bum, she can't keep still).

Both rescue kitties.

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Hahahaha. the skull isn't a warning for them ?
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Id eat poppy 1st, missy might have worms if she can't sit still.
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Very nice. Mine are both strays.

17.04.04 Geoffrey and Summer at home Steve Joul - Copy.jpg

Geoffrey on the left appeared as a young stray cat and sat in the garden from Feb to Nov 2016 then as the weather turned bad I gave him a home. His favourite pastime is eating. He is a lovely even-tempered boy. Still quite playful and would love to play with Summer but he's a bit strong for her.

Summer on the right arrived as a stray kitten during the wet August of 2008 and ate bird food from the bird table. She is a bit moody, but does tend towards the adorable now she is older. She loves to sit on my lap every day, loves sliding down the stairs on her back, loves any tit-bits you give her from your meal and loves getting brushed daily as she is a long-haired shedding cat. Unfortunately she won't play with Geoffrey as she's far too superior and has a special hiss for him which keeps him at bay!

Never mind they don't play, at least the house is peaceful as they tolerate each other and never fight!
catherine Parker
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they look happy sat together.

I also have a black and white tuxedo boy who is now about 11 - Splodge, I have had him since he was 6 weeks old, a friends cat had kitten and they had problems weaning him and he was the smallest of the litter, 11 years later and he still won't eat wet cat food, but loves his dry biscuits mixed with chicken, tuna or any cooked meat.


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