Digital art tablet recommendations?


Hi everyone!
I've been trying to find a good digital art tablet for myself, I've never done digital art, but I draw traditionally. I want to invest in something high quality, but not super expensive. Somewhere between $80-$300ish. If there's a good one that has a screen, I'd love that. But I'm okay with no screen, I know screen put things up to four digits most of the time, and my wallet wouldn't survive that :hilarious:


I dont draw as much as I used to digitally, so I have a cheap Huion that does me wonders. But I have heard a lot of good reviews on the XP-PEN digital drawing monitor. Its also priced relatively nice.

Wacom is also super good but I know they can be a bit pricier. Wacom was like the og drawing tablet a couple years ago. I remember when it first started releasing tablets and it was everything at the time, but dang they are not cheap lol!


Huion makes some great tablets that compare (and in my opinion surpass) the standard that Wacom has created. I am however pretty biased as I have a strong distaste for the monopoly Wacom has over digital art when their products are honestly nothing special and extremely over priced. I went to school for digital arts and the amount of students who felt they had to spend 2k to buy a tablet they ended up not really using was horrible.
I personally use the Huion Inspiroy Q11K and enjoy it immensely. I have owned a Wacom tablet for over a decade- it was fine and worked well. However even the cheapest of Wacom tablets can be more expensive than Huion's mid-tier range. Additionally they frequently have sales and bundles both on their website and on amazon.
Huion even has a range called Kamvas that has the screen- I believe their cheapest Kamvas is around 220? I personally don't like tablets with screens as I find they promote bad posture- which is already a big issue when it comes to digital artists. I also always feel like I'm going to crack or even shatter the screen.

Some tips as someone who has been doing digital art for a solid 15 of the 22 years I've been alive:
-Consider an art glove- Huion typically will include one with your tablet for an extra few dollars. It's just a glove but the only fingers are the pinky and the ring finger. It helps your hand glide more easily across the surface.
-MS Paint is a very good tool to practice just controlling the pen. More specialized art programs like Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, Fire Alpaca, etc have pen sensitivity that can make things feel odd when you first start out.
-Don't be afraid to fiddle with the settings, the first thing I do with any tablet is adjust the sensitivity. You'll want it to be as light as you can handle so you don't wear out the nib. However starting off with lower pressure sensitivity can more easily replicate physical painting and drawing.
-Even once you get a solid grasp of using a tablet your digital work will never look 100% the same as your traditional work
-For the love of every god if you don't already know how to draw from your shoulder or at least your elbow start practicing that! Drawing on a tablet is a much smaller surface than a canvas or paper in most cases and carpal tunnel is actual ****
-Get into the habit of stretching your hands and wrists out every few hours
-If you pick a tablet with programmable keys map the one easiest to hit to the save function (ctrl s)
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