Difference between hanging tank Filtration systems and Canister Filtration

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by cbowlincatfish, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. cbowlincatfish Valued Member Member

    I have a 55 gallon tank that I had 2 filters on, the original one that came with the tank and the Aqua Clear that I purchased 6 months ago. My original filter has quit, so i am going to replace it and I am thinking about a canister. Can you tel me the benefits of the canister over the other type of filter system and if I stay with the hanging system is the Fluval better than the Aqua Clear.
  2. Vince66 Valued Member Member

    A canister filter holds more media and can house more beneficial bacteria and it gives you more media options. Also it forces the the water through the media instead of it flowing over it as it a hang on the back filter. I had the same question not to long ago myself. I have a 46 gallong tank with a aqua clear 70 and after a lot of research i replaced the aqua clear with a fluval 306 canister filter. Both types of filters have there pros and cons i think. Maintance is easier on a hob filter. I have been in this hobby for 7 months so im new to it . Im sure someone else on here with more experience can give you more information. I personaly like the canister filters better because of all the media you can put in.
  3. Siggi Well Known Member Member

    Next to a sump, the cannister filter is the best you can get.
    I think it's main advantage over HOB's is the greater volume in filtermedia and, of course, not having a black plastic container hanging in the tank...
    Normally, cannister filters will also have a larger pumping capacity in liters/gallons per hour, but most important is the larger volume in filtration material.

    The brand is, IMO a matter of personal taste. Whoever uses one, will tel you the others are worse brands... You named two of the three leading brands in cannister filters (forgot Eheim) - if you want a new cannister, find a good deal, pricewise, and focus on filtervolume.
    If the filter comes with various types of media for mechanical and biological filtration, remember it's a deduction from another one, where you'll have to go shopping for bioballs yourself...
  4. aquatic Valued Member Member

    I am much happier with my canister vs the old hang on. Its quieter and the spray bar allows me many setups for water return. I got the aqua top brand, which is good but has a bad rep for often missing parts in the box (I was one of the unlucky but their cust service rectified it fast).