Did My Dwarf Gourami Do It?


Where are my shrimp

Poll closed Aug 15, 2017.
  1. Gourami pureed them.

  2. They are hiding.

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  1. Miaw

    Miaw Valued Member Member

    I put 9 small amano shrimp into my tank with a few dwarf Gourami. I didn't feed the tank that night and this morning I can't see a single small amano and the Gourami are going to the toilet a lot.

    Should I keep looking or put two and two together?

    My red cherries are missing too.
  2. DoubleDutch

    DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    Simple answer : yes.
    And probably some are hidden.
  3. vin

    vin Well Known Member Member

    Gourami's love shrimp....
  4. jmaldo

    jmaldo Well Known Member Member

    Between my 3 spot and Black skirt tetras they had a very expensive meal. Amanos have a better chance if they are larger but the cherry shrimp are to visible lost 6. I took precautions (feed and lights out before adding) Saw 1 Black skirt had a cherry half way into his mouth, tapped the glass he dropped it but still ended up being a meal. Rookie mistake.
  5. OP

    Miaw Valued Member Member

    I thought they'd be okay because there have been a good few cherry shrimp in there for a while and 4 large amanos.

    I wonder if it triggered some kind of feeding frenzy, and the new shrimp didn't know the hiding places in the tank.
  6. Lloyd Melsome-Smith

    Lloyd Melsome-Smith New Member Member

    Do they also like to eat neon tetras, we seem to have one missing. We had 10 tetras and 2 female and one male dwarf gourami