Did my Damsel eat my staghorn crab and if so, why?

  1. Waterwahine

    Waterwahine New Member Member

    I've got a 3-gallon nano tank with 3 snails, a strawberry shrimp, a damselfish, and what used to be a staghorn crab.

    My tank is in my office, so I left it alone this weekend. When I came back in this morning, there were little red bits and a large claw in the tank and the staghorn coral shell was empty.

    I don't think the shrimp is the culprit, although I could be wrong. Did my damsel eat my crab or shred it or otherwise pull it out of its shell? I've had the two of them in the tank for 8 weeks with no problems whatsoever. Why would it do that all of a sudden?

    Does this mean I should avoid all small crabs in the future as long as my damsel is alive?

    Thanks for the input!
  2. B

    Bouncybloodbeast New Member Member

    From my research, I heard that if there is not enough food in the tank, they can eat small crabs, my friend had hermit crabs or something, and they kept finding crab legs everywhere.