Did I set these plants up right?


Jus recently set up my 10 gallon tank and honestly don't know if I've planted everything correct so I thought to post my thoughts here.

The amazon sword compacta on the right was suffering in my 2.5 gallon tank (was there for only three weeks. I trimmed off the leaves that were severely damaged and replanted it here. There are root tabs on either side of the plant. I'm worried that it won't pull through, does anyone have any tips on how to help it grow?

To the left of my sword, I planted a crypt (not sure what kind it is) w/ root tabs on either side of it as well. Not sure if I planted it right.

Also, my marimo moss balls have a little light brown discolorations on them (they're also from the 2.5 gallon tank). Is there anything I can do to help them get better?

I find java moss to be the most puzzling plant in this tank. Due to the shape of the Malaysian driftwood I have in there, I wasn't able to tie it down with thread nor was I comfortable using super glue (I didn't want to commit to the moss on the it). So I just jammed parts of the moss in between the crevices of the wood and it just stuck there. I also wrapped some around my sponge filter. Is the plant okay like this?

On the bottom left part of the wood, I've tied the anubias (not sure which kind this is either). Do I need to do anything else or can I leave it like that?

Lastly, I have a bunch of java fern, but nothing to anchor them to. I have one tied down by two small rocks and the rest I just stuck in between crevices between the wood and two larger rocks. Would it be fine if I just left them that way? I've read posts that say they can even be left free floating, but others disagree and say they have to be attached to something so I'm really confused on this one.

Thanks for reading all of that! I've been doing as much research as I can about how to plant and care for these plants, but have found a lot of conflicting information. I'd feel more comfortable having people actually see my set and give me advice based on that. Would also like to note that there are no fish currently in this tank (still have to do my research on that as wellead nor was there any fish in the 2.5 gallon tank some of the plants came from. Thanks in advance and looking forward to hear from everyone!


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First of all, the tank looks great! And the plants do not look as bad as I feel like you had described. Usually new plants go through an acclimation process and the current leaves will melt off. But as long as conditions are good for growing, the plant will grow back just fine.
The only thing I would definitely move would be the java moss on the sponge filter, just because you will need to clean that sponge filter eventually and can't with the moss on it. Also super creative on putting the moss in the little crevices of the wood, just expect the moss to look worse in the coming weeks before it starts looking green again as it acclimates.
Also make sure the roots of the Java fern isn't jammed and squished in between the rocks and the wood, if it is they roots will probably die. If anything you can plant just the roots in the substrate and should be fine. I have good luck with cheap fishing line though if you wanted to try and tie it down to the rock. If you wanted to try super glue (that's what I do) just superglue the java ferns to rocks you could easily get more of.
Oh and the plant in the corner near the filter could use some more light so maybe just move it a bit forward?
I think everything else looks fine!
What kind of lighting are you using? Swords are usually easy, but also require more light and they grow really fast and really tall usually.
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Looks good! 14W is probably good, just keep a close eye out on any algae growth. It’s way easier to handle before it gets crazy.
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