I have a 60 gallon tank 30 length, 21 height and 12 width. I have 1 Columbian baby shark, 1 parron shark, 1 tiger barb, 1 albino cory, 3 molly, 1 goldfish, 2 ghost fish, 1 pleco, 2 algae eaters, 1 fighting fish and 2 Angel fish did I over do it. They look happy. I had 1 green spotted puffer fish but it died I don't know why it seem happy and healthy before.All I feed my fish is flakes and algae wafers. I have 2 weeks with my tank first time fish buyer and fish care taker.


ok, ill try and help you out with what I know, then I'm sure others will fill in the blanks. As far as the colombian shark goes, it will eventually need salt water in order to be fully happy and healthy. I'm not sure what a parron shark is, so there's a blank. the tiger barb is an excellent fish, but do extremely well in groups of six or more, otherwise they are aggressive towards other fish. the albino cory is also a great fish, but does well in groups of three or more. the mollies should be fine, as well as the goldfish, although I believe that they like much cooler water temps than tropical fish. I'm not positive what ghost fish are, so there's the second blank. the pleco is always good, although you have to take into account that they get around 20" or bigger when fully grown. the algae eaters are cool fish, but when they get older they become extremely aggressive towards other fish. if by "fighting fish" you mean betta, that one may be better suited to a tank by itself, as it could become aggressive towards other fish and its fins could become a target for nip-happy fish such as the tiger barbs. the angelfish are beautiful, but enjoy taller tanks since they stay at the top of the tank, but I believe they should be fine in your setup. as finally, as far as the green spotted puffer, this is BY FAR my favorite fish of all, I have two of them in a 10 gallon tank at the moment, and I am working on getting them a bigger home in the future. they are, however, a brackish water to salt water fish when they are older, and will absolutely NOT live in a tank with any other fish. ****, ive been lucky in finding a pair that will live together without squabbling.

also, when buying fish for your tank, there's a general rule on one inch of adult fish per gallon. so you have room for 60 inches of ADULT fish, taking into account how messy the fish you choose are as well. for example, the pleco will get to around 20 inches fully grown, so that leaves you with about 40 inches of fish left. the tiger barb only gets to aroung 2-3 inches, which leaves you with 37-38 inches left, etc. hope some of this helps you out! and welcome to FishLore!!


Yea, I'd recommend separate tanks for the Betta and for the goldfish. You could put a few corys in with the Betta and they should get along. The goldfish could have some buddies from the goldfish family and be happy in a cooler tank.

I've not heard of the Parron Shark either, but from searching around the internet for Parron Shark, I find the Paroon Shark grows to a little of 8' long and needs a HUGE tank - minimum of 900 gallons - it's also very hungry for anything it can eat. If this is what you got.. do you have any pics?

The Pleco could do alright in a 60 gallontank, but when it gets fullsize it will be putting out a LOT of waste. The plecos put out a lot of waste for a fish their size, whatever size they are.. watch the water chemistry and keep up with the water changes with that guy in the tank.

whetto's right about the Columbian I believe and you'll want a good sized saltwater tank for him in time if you keep him.

The barb and the cory could both use buddies, like whetto said.

Is your tank cycled now? what are your ammonia, nitrites and nitrates readings? If you don't have a liquid testing kit, like the API master freshwater kit, you'll want one of those.


your first problem, you are way overstocked, if your measuements are correct, you only have a 30G tank, not a 60, so, where to go from here, you'll have to return some fish, starting with the pleco, if its a common pleco, its way too big for your tank, I would return and get a smaller pleco such as a bristlenose, you'll have to return one shark, I would find out how large they grow, and then return the larger, then I would definitely get rid of the goldfish as is it not a tropical fish, the fighting fish is a bad choice for a community tank as about 90% of them do not like to share their tank with other fish, it might be alright with the cories and pleco though.  if the angelfish are not a mated pair, they may become aggressive and very territorial with each other and other fish, your algae eaters, if they are the chinese/golden algae eaters, I would return them, I would return them regardless if you're planning on keeping the pleco, but the chinese algae is very aggressive, and grows to a large size, but if you want algae eaters with the pleco, I would suggest a true siamese flying fox or 3 oto catfish, the otos are small, only about 1-1.5", where the flying fox gets a little larger, around 4-5" I beleive, your tiger barbs should be in a school though.  you're going to have to figure out which fish you want to showcase in your tank, and try and bulid a community around them, I would start there and run with it, but for now, I would be doing very frequent water changes until you get everything figured out, but you are definitely overstocked


Columbian sharks need brackish water
goldfish need cooler water and can make the water pretty acidy
tiger barbs need to be in groups or they can get nippy
the betta might harm the angelfish

however, the thing I have noticed is that although there is so much information on fish species, sometimes they act uniquely.
So if everything works out and they all get along, kudos to you!

Found a pic of the parron shark and it's spelt Paroon (if anyone is using a serach engine


I think we are all pretty well agreed that the betta who needs temps from 78-80F and goldfish who needs temps 65-75F need to be in different tanks.
The tiger barbs do better in groups of six or more and corys do better in groups of three or more.
When buying fish its much better if you can research before you buy so you know whether you can supply what they need or not. when stocking a tank the adult size of those fish is what you stock by, in other words when figuring inch per gallon figure adult sizes.
So at this point your tank unfortunately is overstocked.
And last but not least WELCOME TO FISHLORE!


ya cuz those two pictures of the Paroon sharks the second picture they are smaller and seem okay to have, but look at the adult size!!

did u get the paron shark at a pet store?

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