30 Gallon Tank Did I do good or do I need to adjust?

On my 30 gallon reef I followed in the footsteps of geniuses and converted an AC110 into an HOB refugium. I'm using chaeto as the macroalgae. I have some LR rubble in the bottom, and added a tisbe pods package in there.
For a light I purchased a plastic clamp light. For the bulb I'm using a Cree 60w daylight 5000K bulb.

Is this bulb sufficient or am I way off base? I am running the refugium with the AC lid on there so I don't get any splash on to the wall. The light is still strong enough to penetrate all the way to the bottom of the filter.

Thanks for any advice you can give! I need to take pictures of my AC110 conversion and list out the steps I took. I'll work on that thread this weekend!
Sounds like the refugium I wish I had I'm not terribly familiar with that algae, sorry I can't be more help

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