Did I Accidentally Buy A Giant Betta?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by BoldMilotic, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. BoldMiloticNew MemberMember

    Following the sudden death of my dear Cerulean (profile photo), over fin difficulties, I quickly bought another betta to cheer me up. The new guy didn't seem too big at the store, it was only when I brought him home to the split tank did I see how big he actually was!

    The other guy, Vermillion, was only one and a half inches. He however, measured 2 and a half inches from head to tail! Because of that, he's going to be relocated from the 5 gallon tank to the 15 gallon one I used for my late goldfishes. But before that, I need to get another heater...

    I also need help naming the new guy!


    Just on an extra note, Vermillion is always on his side because that's where his only eye is! Please don't be concerned. ;)

  2. Ed204Well Known MemberMember

    Hi there,
    I don't think your betta is considered a giant, may I have a photo of himself?

    There are two types of Bettas that are considered "giants" the genos and the pure giants. The genos have giant betta genetics in their blood hence, they can grow up to 3-4 inches. A true giant can get up to 4-6 inches.

    Is the new Bettas body bigger than Vermillion? Or is it just his tail which is bigger?

  3. BoldMiloticNew MemberMember

    Both the tail and body is bigger.
    Vermillion: 1 inch body
    (Unamed): around 1 and a half

    I don't have any individual photos of him but I do have a side-by-side comparison. (It's really hard to tell considering the distance between them and the glass)

  4. Ed204Well Known MemberMember

    Alright, he looks like a normal sized betta to me. Giant Bettas usually reach a size of 3-4 inches at the age of 5-6 months. Is there any chance you know how old is he?
  5. BoldMiloticNew MemberMember

    Thank you, that's good to know then. Any explanation as to why they have such a stark size difference?
    Also, would he still be okay in this tank? Or does his size require a much larger tank, because I don't want to buy another expensive heater.

    The store didn't state his age so I can't really be sure.
  6. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    I noticed a big difference in the sizes of my two Bettas when I brought the second (larger) one home, and it had me wondering if my Crowntail was still a juvenile. He's smaller, much less aggressive and has never attempted a bubble nest, but a little research ruled it out. I'd had him for 3 months by then, and I'd like to think I'd noticed if I bought a fry! He's just a gentle soul who's not interested in having kids, thanks.

    So I guess some fish are just bigger than others. I feed my larger betta a tiny bit more, but they both have the same size tank (5 gallons).
  7. BoldMiloticNew MemberMember

    I've had Vermillion for almost a year now. Other than his fin rot getting better, I don't particularly remember an increase in size. I guess he's not a little fry either.

    I'd love to see pictures of your fish though!
  8. NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    I would say Vermilion is a bit of a runt, and the new guy is in the normal size range.
  9. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    Sure! This is my crowntail Zoa Muruchi (The little guy)

    And this is my halfmoon Zigra (the big guy)

    It's hard to see here, but Ziggy's body is much bigger than Zoa's. About a half inch longer and a lot... taller? Height seems an odd way to describe a fish, but wider certainly isn't right.
  10. BoldMiloticNew MemberMember

    Whoa! Is that so? Even the late Cerulean and all the other bettas prior wasn't that size. That's really interesting to know. I've always known my bettas to be small so I always thought the other tanks were way too big. I guess the fact that bettas need 5 gallon tanks is no longer confusing to me now.

    Thanks for your input!
  11. BoldMiloticNew MemberMember

    Yeah Ziggy is a pretty hefty guy! I'd say he's much more bulkier than Zoa.
    They are very lovely fishes, do you enter them into competitions or breed them? Over here, I don't believe you can find fishes of that degree anywhere in the pet stores.
  12. NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    That's no put down of the red Betta - they come in all sizes. I would say that side by side, you have the size range for pet store Bettas.
    I always chose smaller males when I kept those fish - while I always kept them in 10 gallon tanks or larger, I like the look of a smaller fish moving through wider spaces. To my eye, it always looks better than a larger fish that is restricted in what it can do.
    Even your larger Betta isn't a huge fish.
  13. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    I'm still pretty new to the hobby, actually, and breeding and competing are way above my skill level. I found both of them at chain pet stores, Zoa at Petsmart and Ziggy at Petco. Sometimes you get lucky! Although the Petco where I found Ziggy has consistently had healthy and interesting looking bettas when I've gone in. Chain stores vary a lot location to location.
  14. BoldMiloticNew MemberMember

    Yeah I'm starting to feel sorry for the new guy, he looks really cramped in there.
    Thank you for your input!
  15. BoldMiloticNew MemberMember

    Well they especially vary from country to country!
    In Australia, it's hard to find rare bettas, I haven't seen any other tail type in person other than the veil, crown and rose in a while. I did once keep a round tail betta, but he was kept in awful conditions at the store and died from severe fin rot two weeks later, didn't get a chance to name him. He was a deep black with iridescent emerald lines on his fins.

    You must be super lucky to find those beauties!
  16. BriggsWell Known MemberMember

    Can you import fish from overseas? I can see why Australia might be a little more sensitive about that sort of thing than other countries might be.
  17. BoldMiloticNew MemberMember

    I saw a documentary about betta fish in Australia on tv a while back.
    They are often imported from Thailand where they undergo a very strict quarantine process.
    So if you were to personally import or buy a fish from other countries with the intent of bringing it back to Australia, you would have to go through a very long process which would require the breeder information, health record and other bothersome hassles.

    Just a fun fact I guess.
  18. allllienWell Known MemberMember

    You'd need an import permit and have to pay a lot I'm assuming.. Nothing is easy in Australia..

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