Diatom or algae?

  1. Xander

    Xander Well Known Member Member

    So I switched my 20g's light a few weeks ago from an old halogen setup meant for a 10g to a single 18" 15W T8 (uncertain of K rating, not listed on bulb).

    The tank has been set up since early in the year. This algae was never present until the change in light, after which it showed up fairly immediately. At first, the light was only on for about 5-6h a day. Now I have a timer (as of roughly a week ago), and it's on for a total of 8 hours, divided in two and separated by 4 hours of lights off.

    This algae is very orange. Like, Cheeto/Dorito dust over everything orange. There is no growth to it, just discoloured decor and plants.

    Can you identify it? What should I do about it? My crypts are looking better than before, but my staurogyne repens is definitely looking paler and a bit orange, too. Are my plants in danger? I don't dose any ferts. Should I start?

    Pic below (excuse the chubby ladies)

  2. T

    Teishokue Well Known Member Member

    It's algae. Diatoms are algae. Extend your photo period by one hour each week. See if diatoms reduce