Diamond or Emperors?


I'm considering a school of one of these for my tank, so any information is appreciated. Which of the two are your favorites? How do they do with larger tank mates (dojo loaches and a goldfish)? Smaller? Should I rehome the danios before I get the tetras? How big of a school is recommended? I've read 6 but I just want to double check.

If you have any pictures please post them. Most of my decision depends on what the store has on hand but if they have both then I'd have to choose, and that's not always fun. lol


Oone thing worries me. The goldfish, they are really big waste producers, and a cold water fish that like 68 degrees or so. I'm wondering if salad dosent need/want his own home?

For the tetras I've found most schooling fish prefer 6 or more, it gives variety and they like it better, I have a school of cardnial and neon tetras with a school of Zebra Danios, they is never a problem besides the tetras are a low water fish and danios top so they like to hog the food.

That's about all I can offer. I'm not leaning one or another way just informing, another member will offer more specific info soon I'm sure.


I keep my 8 emperor tetras in with my blood parrots and the temp is set for 78. The above poster was correct in that your goldfish is not a tropical fish and has different requirements. They should not be kept together.

Emperors could hold their own against zany danios. They're pretty tough, however, there's always a possibility that the danios could try to nip the emperor's finnage, which is extraordinary.


I've got two emperor tetras and had nothing but stress with the male. Maybe its a problem because I don't have enough of them to school together but he's so aggressive towards my other fish and always on edge for some odd reason. I'm actually thinking of getting rid of him because of it.
This is my only experience of Emperors, others have had no problems at all, darnit! lol Good luck with ur new fish though


All tetras appreciate schools of 6 or more. If you keep them in a much smaller school, then you should expect negative behavior.

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